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    Learn about this popular heating system and rebates available for heat pumps.

    Instant Savings

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    It’s back! Receive instant in-store discounts on dozens of energy efficient products. And save more on your energy bill when they are installed at home.

    Appliance Retirement

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    Get a jump on your Spring cleaning by recycling your old, inefficient fridge; we’ll pick it up at no charge plus give you $30.


    There are many things you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Some cost nothing. Others are a larger investment. All of them will save you energy and money.  We are here to help. Efficiency Nova Scotia offers services, financial incentives and straightforward advice to help you start saving.

    “I am looking for tips on making my home more energy efficient…”

    I want to make my home energy efficient but don’t know where to start…

    I’m not sure if I can afford to make energy efficiency upgrades…

    “I am ready to get my old, inefficient fridge that is wasting energy and money…”

    Products and Rebates

    Save instantly each spring and fall in stores across Nova Scotia on dozens of easy-to-install energy efficient products.  Receive Instant Savings of $3 to $100 at the checkout and even longer-term on your power bill.

    Visit our Instant Savings App and Learn How You Can Save!

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    Instant Savings on ENERGY STAR refrigerators and clothes washers are available year round.



    oldermanEnergy Use Calculator

    From lighting to heating systems and everything in between, this calculator helps you understand how electricity is used in your home.

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