We can’t control Mother Nature, but we can help
control your energy costs.

Agriculture Technologies

It’s easy to integrate energy efficient products into the equipment you use every day. From heat pads to fans, ventilation, and dairy equipment, there is an efficient equivalent for most farm equipment pieces. 

And, it’s easy to upgrade. With step-by-step guidance from our dedicated on-site energy manager Kraig, your farm can be transformed into the best energy-saving version of itself, without interrupting your season. Plus, many rebates are available for you to take advantage of on top of the savings you’ll experience on your bottom line.

heat pads
Potential Rebate: $60 - $120

Heat Pads

Heat pads consume up to 70% less power than traditional heat lamps, lower annual energy and maintenance costs, and last up to 15 years.

Benefits include:

  • Larger comfort area that minimizes piglet piling
  • Piglets tend not to seek warmth from the mother sow, which reduces crushing losses
  • Piglets are protected by blocking drafts rising through the grating floors
  • Sows can stay cooler, eat more, and produce more milk
  • Pads can be washed down with a high-pressure washer, and last up to 15 years
  • Piglets show a preference for the comfort and warmth of heat pads
  • The potential fire hazards of heat lamps and broken lamps are eliminated
  • Lower energy and maintenance costs
Potential Rebate: $200 - $1,400/unit

Dairy Equipment

10 dairy cows typically use as much energy as an average household uses every year. Let us you help make your farm more energy efficient, with rebates on:

  • Dairy scroll compressors
  • Heat reclaimer units
  • Milk pre-coolers
  • Milk vacuum pumps

We can also help with water heating, lighting and ventilation – other big energy users on your farm.

dual and natural ventilation
Potential Rebate: $0.06 - $0.10/sq.ft.

Dual and Natural Ventilation

Combining mechanical and natural ventilations systems can:

  • Create the best conditions for sensitive livestock
  • Save you energy and money

Dual Ventilation

A dual ventilation system turns on and off as needed, requiring power as little as 20% of the time.

The right system can monitor and turn on power inlets and fans, working in harmony with your sidewall curtains, panels, ridge outlets and chimneys – and helping cut your energy costs by up to 80%.

Natural Ventilation

No mechanical ventilation present. All ventilation provided by chimneys and sidewall openings (with curtains or panels).

high efficiency fan
Potential Rebate: $45 - $1,000

High Efficiency Fans

Efficient fans use up to 55% less energy, which can save big money on your power bill.

In an agricultural facility, the best way to reduce the cost of ventilation is to:

  • Use natural ventilation whenever possible
  • Choose high efficiency fans

Always look for AMCA (Air Movement and Conditioning Association), University of Illinois BESS–tested fans or independent fan performance data.

The quicker the milk cools, the better quality it will be.

A dairy farm in the Valley is now enjoying the good things efficiency brings, with a tall glass of cold milk. They installed a heat recovery unit in their processing area and received a rebate of $1,950. They now save $2,500 annually on bills, and the milk is cooled faster resulting in a better quality product.

“The new lighting makes the workspace a lot more inviting, allows you to stay alert longer, and is much lower in cost.”

With help from Efficiency Nova Scotia, Oberland Agriscience is creating a sustainable solution for the global protein shortage. With a rebate of over $4,200 on their new heat pump and insulation upgrades, they are able to grow tropical insects, providing protein for fish and poultry. They’re saving over $6,000 a year in bills which they can invest back into their business.

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