Efficiency Programs for Businesses


Commercial New Construction

Whether you’re constructing a new commercial, institutional, or multi-unit residential building, planning an expansion or undertaking a major renovation, we can help you at the planning stages to incorporate energy-efficient design features, optimize the building's performance and minimize energy use.

Pay for Performance

The Pay for Performance (P4P) program offers eligible organizations financial incentives for making substantial reductions in electricity consumption within their facilities. The flexibility of the program means property owners and operators can make improvements to their facilities as they see fit.

Small Business Energy Solutions

Our Small Business Energy Solutions program provides rebates to cover up to 80% of the project cost for energy efficiency upgrades, a free energy assessment, and 24-months interest free financing on your Nova Scotia Power bill.

Energy Benchmarking

Portfolio Manager® is a free, secure, web-based tool that allows building owners to better understand the performance of their buildings, while finding areas for optimization.

Private: Energy Management Information Systems

EMIS makes energy visible to organizations through the use of energy meters, data collection, and information analysis. EMIS enables industries to drive energy improvement through enhanced energy information.

Strategic Energy Management

SEM is a facilitated continuous improvement approach to reduce energy waste and improve your profitability. SEM introduces energy management practices through a number of key activities and exercises, resulting in persistent energy and cost savings.


The Retrofit Program offers tailored technical and financial support to help businesses reduce their electrical energy consumption and system-peak demand. Retrofit supports larger more complex measures, involving technology, equipment, and system improvements.

Building Optimization

The Building Optimization Program focuses on recommissioning measures for existing buildings. Recommissioning ensures that building systems are operating as intended and meet current facility requirements.

Business Energy Rebates

Our Business Energy Rebate program provides rebates on energy efficient products costs to businesses of all types. Receive either instant or mail-in rebates to help you offset the cost of high-quality energy efficient products.

Industrial Program

Under the umbrella of the large industrial program, we provide managed services and incentives through a multi-year engagement model to help you complete more projects, manage complex projects and ultimately achieve high energy savings.