Energy Management Information Systems


It can be challenging to keep track of all the ways you spend money on energy.

We can help install, pay for, and train you to use a monitoring system in your business. Using a tool called an energy management information system (EMIS), we can help you:

  • Reduce operating costs and increase profits
  • Make your business accountable for energy costs in all areas
  • Identify energy savings in reduced base load and operational variability

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Install a monitoring system, and find new ways you can put money in your pocket – instead of your power bill.

An energy management information system (EMIS) can help you:

  • Identify energy savings in reduced base load and operational variability
  • Reduce operating costs and increase profits
  • Create accountability for energy costs within all areas of your organization

That’s when the benefits really begin. Improved energy efficiency makes your organization:

  •      Less expensive to operate
  •      More comfortable to work in
  •      More environmentally friendly
  •      More competitive

We accept a limited number of organizations every year for EMIS assistance.  

Eligible organizations:

  • Demonstrate executive leadership support in pursuing long-term strategic energy management
  • Are able to invest capital and human resources for planning implementation of EMIS
  • Industrial and institutional

To get involved:

  • Attend an EMIS information session or
  • Get in touch: or toll free at 1-877-999-6035

We’ll help divide your organization into Energy Account Centers to define each business process or department in your organization, and assign accountability for energy use within that area. This will:

  • Better target and monitor the energy performance in each area  
  • Empower operators in each area to track and manage energy use
  • Refine data capturing and reporting systems to ensure information is being stored and analyzed properly, and that energy performance reporting is accurate

The technical aspects of the project are just the beginning.  Once the equipment is installed, you will be able to use the data to lower operating costs in all levels of your business.

An Energy Management Information Systems Success Story

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