Strategic Energy Management


With the comprehensive approach of an SEM, you can:

  • grab even bigger savings on capital projects
  • watch your operational savings grow each year
  • get noticed by customers and peers


We can help your business become a brilliant energy manager with:

  • energy mapping
  • monitoring and reporting
  • employee training
  • support for employee engagement activities


Find out more: or toll free at 1-877-999-6035

Implement a strategic energy management (SEM) plan, and find new ways to put money in your pocket – instead of on your power bill.


A long-term SEM helps:

  • win senior management support for energy efficiency
  • Gain financial commitment for energy management
  • increase employee awareness and engagement in energy efficiency activities
  • ensure implementation of energy policies for reducing energy use
  • integrate energy management with existing management policies, practices and procedures
  • build a reliable and effective system for monitoring and reporting energy performance


That’s when the benefits really begin. Improved energy efficiency makes your organization:

  •      Less expensive to operate
  •      More comfortable to work in
  •      More environmentally friendly
  •      More competitive

We accept a limited number of organizations every year for SEM.


Eligible organizations:

  • Demonstrate executive leadership support in pursuing long-term strategic energy management
  • Provide dedicated Energy Champions to work with Efficiency Nova Scotia
  • Are able to invest capital in energy efficiency improvements
  • Are willing to sign a commitment to significant energy savings achievements (≥2GWh)



To get involved:

  • Attend an SEM information session or
  • Get in touch: or toll free at 1-877-999-6035


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