Small Commercial Heat Loss Heat Gain Calculations – April 11th-13th 2022

Small Commercial Heat Loss Heat Gain Calculations

This 3-day course instructs participants in proper calculation of small commercial heat gains and heat losses, and applies to buildings of up to 3 stories and 600 square metres per storey. Specific topics discussed are: ventilation and infiltration requirements, solar heat gains, peak time of day, outside and inside design conditions, heat transmission through structural components, occupancy loads, heat gain from inside sources and humidification. The Best Part: Graduates of this course will be able to perform load design calculations for their customers who are involved in small commercial applications. *Courses guaranteed with at least one paid registration seven days prior to the course start date.


When: April 11th-13th 2022

Where: Virtual Classroom

Discount: 50%

Spaces: 10

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