High Performance Home Plan

Efficiency Nova Scotia has launched the High Performance Home Plan (HPHP) Pilot as part of its New Home Construction Program to assist Nova Scotians in designing and building energy efficient homes. The pilot, which is funded by the Province of Nova Scotia, is designed to help offset some of the initial consultation costs for high performance home plans and help more Nova Scotian’s building a new home build the most energy efficient homes they can.


In order to be eligible for the pilot, applicants must meet all eligibility criteria of the New Home Construction Program, and the requirements listed below:

  • Participants must register the designed home into the New Home Construction program, with the intention for it to be constructed, before incentives can be issued under the pilot.
  • Any items listed on The Home Plan Pilot Submission Checklist must be submitted along with the registration documents for the New Home Construction Program.


Efficiency Nova Scotia will offer a $1,000 incentive paid to eligible participants with qualifying home plans in addition to the incentives available through our New Home Construction program. The submitted plans must achieve one of the sets of performance criteria outlined below upon completion of the initial design assessment to be considered for the pilot incentive:

  • 75% better than code or
  • NetZero-Ready, NetZero, Passive House Certification.

The pilot incentive will only be issued once per unique set of home plans registered, and the issuance of this incentive is at the sole discretion of Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Semi-detached homes and row homes (submitted on the same plan) will receive an increased pilot incentive, the incentive for these homes will increase by $250 for each additional unit being built up to a maximum of total incentive of $3,000 (9 units)

Individual manufactured home plans are not eligible for the pilot unless the plans fall outside of the suite of homes regularly provided by the manufacturer and are uniquely developed and registered by a specific retailer. We will offer the maximum pilot rebate ($3,000) to each home manufacturer in Atlantic Canada to create plans which achieve the program performance targets. This incentive can be utilized once per manufacturer

A pilot incentive will only be issued once per unique set of home plans registered, and the issuance of this incentive is at the sole discretion of Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Get Started

If you need help developing a High Performance Home Plan you can reach out to one of our efficiency partners listed below or utilize a pre-established list of consultants through Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Preferred Partner Network.

Once your home plan is ready simply call one of our efficiency partners listed below to complete and submit an application. Please note, your application must be submitted before or within 30 days of receiving your building permit. Our efficiency partner will complete your initial design assessment and evaluate your building plans, they will then submit this information to Efficiency Nova Scotia for review, and issuance of the pilot incentive if applicable.

Amerispec Home Inspection Services
Province-wide (Except Cape Breton)
1-844-432-0077 or 902-708-0436 (in HRM)

Homesol Building Solutions
1-855-973-0954 or 902-708-0441 in Halifax area

Province-wide (Except Digby, Yarmouth and Shelburne counties)
1-844-469-0687 or 902-701-6737 (in HRM)