Hey Kentville,
Upgrade the comfort and efficiency of your home or business.


Exclusive energy-savings offers made just for you

Upgrade the comfort and efficiency of your home or business with limited time incentives to make the switch more affordable than ever.


You’re about to be part of something new and exciting

Special limited time incentives are being offered for homes and businesses in the Kentville area serviced by what’s known as the Klondike substation. You will save money on your utility bills and also enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable atmosphere thanks to high quality energy efficient products. This offer will help remove more of the financial barriers, allowing you to save money upfront and over time.


What is the Klondike substation?

Klondike is the name of the substation that delivers electricity to over 3,800 homes and businesses in and around the Kentville area. A substation is an important part of the transmission and distribution of electricity from power generating stations to 500,000 homes and businesses province-wide.


Reducing demand, increasing benefits

Our demand reduction pilot is aimed at reducing peak demand, as well as saving energy and money for your home and business. Simply put, small changes can make big impacts on the capacity of the electrical grid, maintain cost-effectiveness of electricity rates, and help Nova Scotia meet its environmental sustainability goals.


Step 1 – Is your home or business electrically heated

To qualify for the rebates and services offered in the Klondike Pilot your home or business must be electrically heated.

The rebates and services that are offered through this pilot project are supported by funds from electricity rates. Therefore, the funds are designed to be dispersed to reduce electricity use.

If you are are non-electrically heated there are a still a wide variety of rebates and services that are available to you. For more information, please view our Efficiency Nova Scotia website.


Step 2 – Is your home or business serviced by the Klondike Substation

Please search the eligible address directory below to ensure that your home or business is part of the of the Klondike Substation.

Search the directory by street name and civic/building number (e.g. from 1 Aberdeen Street to 130 Aberdeen Street).

Street NameRange of Eligible Civic Numbers
Aberdeen Street1-130
Academy Street9-60
Acadia Drive2-76
Aldershot Road379-1222
Alicia Boulevard1-68
Anderson Boulevard1-74
Andrea Drive1473-1511
Apple Tree Lane7-92
Ashlee Drive1482-1566
Baden Powell Drive2-106
Belcher Street40-673
Birchwood Drive3-6
Blair Avenue204-232
Blanchard Fraser Place4-26
Blossom Drive2-65
Brook Avenue1-22
Caldwell Avenue4-34
Calkin Drive4-52
Campbell Road1-154
Carmen Drive7-63
Casper Ave1441-1482
Challenger Drive1-4
Chapel Hill63-63
Chester Avenue4-4
Chipman Drive6-51
Church Avenue30-71
Churchill Avenue16-54
Coldbrook Village Park Drive20-198
Colonial Avenue16-27
Comeau Avenue2-18
Commercial Street8707-8785
Condon Avenue11-30
Cornwallis Crescent3074-3250
Cornwallis Street4-354
Cortland Crescent1-57
Craig Drive39-76
Crescent Avenue5-61
D Aubin Lane3-24
Dalhousie Avenue3-58
Deer Haven Drive1-47
D'Ell Road3-22
Dennison Avenue9-33
Donald E Hiltz Road26-100
Duncan Avenue3-75
Edith Drive1465-1510
Elizabeth Avenue7-43
Elm Avenue7-98
Exhibition Street9-266
Fairview Street7-28
Fielding Avenue3-53
Foster Street2-39
Fox Hollow Drive4-48
Gary Pearl Drive35-35
George Street4-41
Glenlee Drive3-12
Glenview Avenue7-66
Grant Street16-92
Harrington Road1472-1640
Hartlen Court3-7
Highway 17063-7366
Highway 3591069-1238
Hillside Avenue36-51
Inglewood Avenue2-15
James Street2-44
Justice Way15-19
Kadray Court2-24
Kent Road10-34
Kentucky Court7-28
King Street3-38
Kristen Avenue1429-1446
Lacewood Drive1-27
Lanzy Road1289-1400
Lavinia Street6-26
Layton Avenue7-15
Little Fox Court4-12
Lockhart Mountain Road1325-1545
Lynwood Avenue3-26
MacDonald Park Road7-95
MacKinnon Court1-38
Mahone Place3-23
Main Street32-831
Masters Avenue12-52
McGill Court2-12
McKittrick Road1173-1173
Mee Road3-19
Meghan Drive1460-1579
Melbourne Avenue4-20
Memorial Court9-10
Mercon Place3-11
Mill Road1008-1008
Miller Avenue9-13
Minas Street2-22
Mitchell Avenue1-50
Mitchell Street40-40
Montgomery Street4-20
Murray Avenue4-16
Newcombe Boulevard1500-1562
Nova Street3-7
Oakdene Avenue6-198
Oakdene Place10-42
Oakdene Terrace4-17
Oakdene Vale19-19
Opportunity Drive11-11
Orchard Road1-40
Overlook Road15-35
Owen Road1162-1206
Palmeter Avenue10-99
Park Street6-975
Parkview Road3-107
Pelton Drive10-14
Pinewood Avenue3128-3144
Pleasant Street7-40
Prince Street9-44
Prospect Avenue18-439
Queens Court3-11
River Street3-155
Rockwell Drive61-101
Roscoe Drive9-25
Ryan Court(all)
Sarah Drive1461-1567
School Street7-141
Selfridge Street9-19
Sherry Avenue7-36
Shylah Drive5-5
Smallwood Place39-50
Smith Avenue8-16
Southview Avenue2-54
Spring Garden Road6-81
St Marys Court2-6
Station Lane100-100
Sutherland Terrace603-633
Terra Nova Drive85-114
Wade Street9-47
Waldo Street7-7
Wayne Street10-45
Webster Court6-29
Webster Street1-1586
West Main Street559-940
West Street7-14
Willow Lane3-33
Young Avenue4-21


Step 3 – Select your electrical use type

Once you have confirmed that that your home or business is electrically heated and resides within the Klondike Substation area, select the link before for either residential or business offerings.

Click one of the following links to learn more or to get started.