| May 13, 2024

Make the Eco Shift with Efficiency Nova Scotia

A homeowner sets temperature using a programmable thermostat.

Saving energy has never been more rewarding! Discover the hidden value in your smart devices and start earning financial rewards today by enrolling them in Eco Shift.

As Nova Scotia’s population grows, so does the demand for electricity. This puts strain on the electrical grid, particularly during peak periods like early evenings and winter cold snaps, when electricity use is at its highest. We have developed the Eco Shift program to help manage the demand on these resources, while also making our electricity grid more reliable, and avoiding costly surges. But let us break it down for you in more detail!

What is Eco Shift?

This program rewards you for temporarily shifting or reducing your energy consumption during periods of high demand. Participants agree to take part in short events where their enrolled devices will automatically adjust settings during peak electricity demand. You can expect to take part in at least one event, and a maximum of up to 12 events in a season.

What is demand response?

During periods of cold weather or when people arrive home from work and use their appliances simultaneously, there is a surge in the need for electricity. To manage this, a demand response event is organized. During an event smart devices that have been enrolled in Eco Shift will be adjusted remotely to conserve energy for the length of the event. Events are brief, only lasting 1-4 hours. The aim is to balance the supply and demand of electricity effectively. You will always be in control of your devices with the option to opt out of any demand response event at any time.

Enrol devices to start earning rewards

Registering your devices in Eco Shift is quick and easy. Once complete, you will receive an upfront enrollment incentive and ongoing financial rewards for participation.

Once you have enrolled, no further action is required! Registered devices will be temporarily turned down or off during demand response events and will resume normal operation following the events. Don’t forget, you can override and opt out at any time.

Eligible smart devices:

Smart Thermostats – Receive $40 in rewards for enrolling one Mysa or Sinopé baseboard smart thermostat, and $15 more for each additional thermostat you enroll. Plus, you will receive an additional $30 annually when you participate in scheduled demand response events.

If you have baseboard heaters but don’t have smart thermostats to control them, we’ve got you covered! Efficiency Nova Scotia offers rebates year-round to save you up to $45 off eligible smart thermostats.

Electric Chargers and EVs – Receive $50 in rewards by enrolling your electric vehicle or charger. Plus, you will get an additional $50 annually when you participate in scheduled demand response events.

Battery Storage Systems (Coming Soon) – Receive $500 in rewards by enrolling your home battery storage device plus an additional $300 per kW per year when you participate in scheduled demand response events. 

Click here to view the full list of eligible devices.

Opting out of a demand response event:

You will receive prior notice before a demand response event happens, and you will always have full control over your device. You can choose to override an event by adjusting the device settings either directly on the device or through the device’s specific application. Once the settings are changed, you will have successfully opted out of the event.

If you want to learn more, and enroll your eligible devices, you can get started today by visiting our website.  Join Eco Shift today and start making a positive impact on the reliability of the electricity grid!