Heat Pads

Save big on energy costs: heat pads consume up to 70% less power than traditional heat lamps, lower annual energy and maintenance costs, and last up to 15 years.

Dairy Equipment

10 dairy cows typically use as much energy as an average household uses every year. Let us help you make your farm more energy efficient with rebates.

Dual & Natural Ventilation

The right system can monitor and turn on power inlets and fans, working in harmony with your sidewall curtains, panels, ridge outlets and chimneys – and helping cut your energy costs.

High Efficiency Fans

High efficiency fans circulate more air, use less energy, and make less noise! Efficient fans use up to 55% less energy, which can save big money on your power bill.

Livestock Waterers

These waterers use super insulation, insulated covers and large volumes of water to prevent freeze-up and save on energy – in some cases, they use no energy at all!

Agricultural Timers

Timers are convenient money savers. They reduce your energy use and also switch engine block heaters on and off without fuss.