A rebate for a energy efficient refrigeration controllers - up to $500! Commercial refrigeration can be a big energy cost for some businesses.

Cooler Conversion - Open to Closed

A rebate to help switch to an energy efficient cooler - $25 per linear foot!

Air Economizers

A $2,000 rebate to help switch to an outside air economizer! An air economizer brings outside air into your building and distributes it.

Cooler Night Covers for Display Cases

A rebate to install cooler night covers - $8 per linear foot!

Vending Machine Controllers

A $50 rebate to install a vending machine controller! Vending machine controllers are small, easy-to-use devices that can cut refrigeration costs.

Zero Energy Doors and Frames for Reach-In Coolers

A rebate to switch to zero-energy cooler doors and frames - $120 per door!

Strip-Curtains for Display Cases

A rebate to install strip curtains for your display cases - $8 per linear foot! Adding strip curtains keeps cool air in, and warm air out.

Discus or Scroll Refrigeration Compressor

A $200 rebate to help upgrade to a discuss or scroll refrigeration compressor.

Electronically Commutated DC Motors

A rebate to switch to an EC (brushless) DC motor for your evaporator fan - up to $180!