Air Tanks for Load & No Load Screw Compressors


Energy use is the most expensive part of a compressed air system. And a typical compressed air system may run far below peak efficiency.

Adding an air tank for a screw compressor can improve your system’s performance, using up to 10% less energy for better results.

Save money, energy and our environment: that’s just good business.

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Qualifying Equipment:

Air Tanks for Load / No-Load Screw Compressors

Product Criteria Compressor (minimum hp rating) Minimum Tank Size (gallons) Rebate Amount
Air tanks store compressed air, which is injected into the system when air pressure is lower than required.

  • Compressors with load/no-load controls are eligible for rebates.
  • The tank/receiver must meet or exceed the minimum tank size for the compressed-air system.
10 240 $350
15 400 $550
20 500 $700
25 660 $900
30 660 $900
35 1,060 $1,200
40 1,060 $1,200

Business Energy Rebates

If you know this is the product you want and plan to install, you can apply directly for a Business Energy Rebate.

Get started:

1. Get pre-approval. Important: you must get pre-approval before purchasing solar equipment, or for rebate amounts greater than $15,000.

2. Install your equipment (within 90 days).

3. Get your rebate.

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Small Business Energy Solutions

Additional incentives may be available if you qualify as a small business.

The service offers:

  • Up to 60% in rebates and incentives
  • 24 months interest-free financing on your power bill
  • Rebates for your whole business: heating, refrigeration equipment, lighting, and more!
  • Customized recommendations that help you prioritize upgrades and maximize energy savings

Get started:

  1. Complete your business profile. Important: you must get pre-approval before purchasing products.
  2. Find a contractor to install your upgrades.
  3. Get your incentive and rebates.

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