LED Bulbs


$3 – $7 instant in-store rebate available every Spring and Fall.

$3 instant discount LED non A-Series 1-2 pack / $7 instant discount LED non A-Series pack of 3 or more)


We also offer a product installation service to install free LEDs in your home, at absolutely no cost to you!

LED lighting uses both light and energy more efficiently, saving money, energy, and the environment. LEDs:

  • Use less energy
  • Turn on instantly
  • Are dimmable
  • Emit light more efficiently, in a single direction
  • Don’t contain mercury
  • Have long lifetimes (up to 25,000) – making them great for hard to reach areas

Save up to $8 on LEDS and other energy efficient products each spring and fall, at more than 200 retail locations.

Get Started

Book a product installation with one of our qualified partners.

Each Fall and Spring, you can save instantly in stores across Nova Scotia on dozens of easy-to-install, energy efficient products. Enjoy Instant Savings of $3 to $150 at the checkout and even longer-term savings on your power bill. Instant savings on refrigerators and clothes washers are available year round.


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