Power Bars


$5 – $10 instant in-store rebate available every Spring and Fall.


Many electronic device in your home use power even when not in use – called standby power or phantom load – wasting from 5 to 10% of your total power bill.

Power bars with timers reduce standby power and save you money by turning your devices off when not needed.

Smart power strips look like traditional power bars, but include circuitry that monitors and controls the outlets – automatically shutting off electronics to save energy and money. Some allow you to group items together – like TV, cable, DVD, and game consoles – so all items conveniently turn on or off together.

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Each Fall and Spring, you can save instantly in stores across Nova Scotia on dozens of easy-to-install, energy efficient products. Enjoy Instant Savings of $3 to $75 at the checkout and even longer-term savings on your power bill. Instant savings on refrigerators and clothes washers are available year round.


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