Smart Thermostats for Electric Baseboard Heating


Receive a $25 in-store discount year round on select smart thermostats for electric baseboard heating and save up to $150 on your annual power bill!

Available for purchase at Kent stores.

Heating is the single largest use of energy in Nova Scotian homes – why heat your home when you don’t need to? Smart thermostats learn your routine and adjust to create the perfect home temperature. Users can save an average of 12% on annual heating and cooling costs!

  • It learns your schedule and the temperatures you like and programs itself.
  • Control your temperature from your phone, tablet, or laptop via Wi-Fi.
  • Stores energy usage data for your home to help you manage your heating and cooling practices.

Is your home compatible with a Smart Thermostat for electric baseboards? Check out the link below to see if you’re compatible:

Whether you have 5 thermostats in your home or 15, you’ll receive $25 for each smart thermostat you purchase. Why not pick up a few for the living areas of your home first, and replace the rest over time.  You’ll be able to control all of them on your smart phone or tablet using the app included.

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