Solar Commercial Space Heating


Solar power converts the light of the sun into energy – a renewable energy source that’s available almost anywhere on earth, and surprisingly abundant in Nova Scotia.

A solar air heating system:

  • Cuts heating costs
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Evens air temperature between floor and ceiling level
  • Can provide fresh air that improves indoor air quality

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Qualifying Systems:

Solar Commercial Space Heating

The following table lists the product requirements and rebates available for solar thermal products.

Rebates are determined on a case by case basis. Submit a pre-approval application to find out how much you are eligible for.

Product Rebate Product Requirements
•Solar domestic hot water (DHW) systems

•Solar space heating systems

•Determined on a project-by-project basis

•Maximum of $500 per panel

•Energy analysis must be submitted with application

•Rebates are only available for projects that off-set electricity

•Must be CSA approved

Solar collectors must be CSA approved.


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