Dairy Equipment


10 dairy cows typically use as much energy as an average household uses every year. Let us you help make your farm more energy efficient, with rebates on:

  • Dairy scroll compressors
  • Heat reclaimer units
  • Milk pre-coolers
  • Milk vacuum pumps

We can also help with water heating, lighting and ventilation – other big energy users on your farm.

Save money, energy and our environment: that’s just good business.

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Qualifying Equipment:

Dairy Farm Equipment


Product Criteria Rebate
Dairy Scroll Compressor
  • Must replace reciprocating compressor
$50 / hp
Heat Reclaimer Unit (HRU)
  • Must electrically heat water
  • Cannot be replacing existing HRU
$1,250 / unit
Milk Pre-cooler
  • Cannot be replacing existing milk pre-cooler
  • New construction and retrofits eligible for rebates
10-49 Plates $750 / unit
50+ Plates $1,400 / unit
VFD Milk Vacuum Pump
  • Cannot be replacing existing VFD
  • Must milk at least 50 cows
$140 / hp controlled
VFD Milk Transfer Pump
  • Must have pre-cooler installed
  • Must milk at least 75 cows
$200 / unit


Note: Not all vacuum pump motors are compatible with VFDs. For more information contact your supplier.

Additional incentives may be available if you qualify as a small business. Complete your application to get started.

Ready to purchase your product? Apply for your rebate here.

(Please have a recent copy of your utility bill available for reference.)



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