Refrigerated Vending Machine Controllers


Fear not: you can cut your power bill, and still keep your beverages cold.

Refrigerated vending machine controllers are small, easy-to-use devices that can cut refrigeration costs. The controller powers down the unit when no one is around, using either:

  • An infrared occupancy sensor
  • A time recorder (scheduled to occupancy patterns)

Then at regular intervals the controller powers the machine back up to keep your product cold.

The cost of commercial refrigeration can be significant for many businesses – so it’s also an opportunity for significant savings.

Save money, energy and our environment: that’s just good business.

Apply for a rebate, or contact us at 1-877-999-6035
Please have your electricity bill available when you call

Qualifying Equipment:

Vending Machines

Eligible Product Rebate Amount Product Requirements
Refrigerated Vending Machine Controller $50 / controller Controller uses occupancy sensor based controls to de-energize refrigerated vending machines when the surrounding area is not occupied.

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(Please have a recent copy of your utility bill available for reference.)



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