Smart thermostats lower the energy consumption of your home,
which can save you an average of 12% on your annual energy bill.
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Why switch to a smart thermostat?

The answer is simple. Smart thermostats save money, energy, and time by automatically adjusting to your schedule during any season.

Heating and cooling can account for about half of the energy usage in an average Nova Scotian home – making it your largest energy expense. Smart thermostats are designed to lower the energy consumption of your home, which can save you an average of 12% on your annual energy bill.


  • Minimize your home’s energy usage
  • Adjust the temperature remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop via wifi
  • Tracks your energy use history and provides helpful insights to help you save even more
  • Most central heating systems can benefit from smart thermostat features
  • Easy to install on your own or hire a contractor

Before you purchase a smart thermostat

Now that you know the benefits of smart thermostats, it’s important to know which one is compatible with your home’s system. Before you make your purchase, determine which smart thermostat is perfect for your home by using the following online interactive compatibility checkers:

Did you know you might qualify for a FREE Nest smart thermostat?

Our Product Installation Service provides free installations of energy efficient products, including the Nest learning thermostat for eligible homes. To find out if your home meets the criteria for a free Nest thermostat, click here to complete our short questionnaire.

Not eligible? No worries! See below for how you can save up to $35 in-store or online.

Getting started
Purchase a smart thermostat in-store

In addition to reducing your annual energy bill, Efficiency Nova Scotia wants to help you save even more! When you purchase an eligible Energy Star® smart thermostat for baseboard heaters from a participating retailer, you will receive an instant in-store rebate of up to $35!
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Purchase a smart thermostat online

If you’re not close to a participating retailer, you can simply order online and still receive your rebate at the checkout.

*Online smart thermostat for electric baseboard heaters rebate currently only available at Best Buy, Mysa and Sinope.
Best Buy  Mysa  Sinope

Rent a smart thermostat

Efficiency Nova Scotia is proud to team up with Eastlink to offer you the option to rent a smart thermostat for as little as $6.95 per month. To learn more, visit any Eastlink store or call 1-888-345-1111 to get this exclusive deal.
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Find a retailer

Please search the maps below for an Instant Savings retailer nearest to you. Simply input your town or postal code to display the map of participating retailers in your area.

Smart Thermostat – Retailer List for Instant Savings