HomeWarming Partner – Trinity Maintenance Solutions

Get a behind the scenes look at happens when Trinity Maintenance Solutions completes HomeWarming upgrades.

What is a Home Energy Assessment

What is a Home Energy Assessment? What areas of the home does an assessment inspect? Why should I get one […]

Home Energy Assessment – Realizing Savings

See how a young family benefited from having a Home Energy Assessment completed. By completing the recommended upgrades, they not […]


No-charge energy assessments and home upgrades to income-qualified homeowners. It’s important to us that everyone benefits from energy efficiency, regardless […]

Home Energy Assessment- Success Story

Hear how a Nova Scotia woman completed energy efficient upgrades to a house for her 81 year old mother to […]

Let’s Make Energy Efficiency Our First Fuel

The cheapest, cleanest, greenest fuel is energy efficiency. Learn more on how energy efficiency has reduced our fuel consumption by […]

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