CBRM Water – 2018 Bright Business Engagement Award Winner

  CBRM Water took home the Engagement Award from Bright Business 2018.

Thinkwell Shift – 2018 Bright Business Partnership Award Winner

    Thinkwell Shift took home the 2018 Partnership Award, check out this video to see why.

Ecology Action Centre – 2018 Bright Business Innovation Award Winner

    Ecology Action Centre is walking the walk with their innovative building upgrades.

Town of Bridgewater – 2018 Bright Business Community Award Winner

View video to see how the town of Bridgewater is making strides to become more energy efficient.

Good Night – Instant Savings Commercial

    Parents get to enjoy a good nights sleep thanks to Efficiency Nova Scotia’s in-store rebates on motion sensors.

Industrial Success Story – IPG

    See how Efficiency Nova Scotia helped this industrial company.

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