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Earn incentives for shifting your energy consumption

As the demand for electricity in the Province grows there is an increasing demand on the electricity grid.

When Nova Scotians use large amounts of electricity at the same time such as on extremely cold winter days it can strain the electrical grid and result in costly surges. This is known as peak demand.

When you enroll your devices in Eco Shift you’ll be helping to reduce electricity demand during peak periods when electricity use is at its highest.

Registering your devices is quick and easy and once complete you’ll receive an upfront enrollment incentive and ongoing financial rewards for participation.

Charging an EV

Be a part of an exciting new way to use your smart devices

By participating in Eco Shift you’ll have the opportunity to participate in demand response events, where your enrolled devices will remotely be adjusted to lower your electricity usage during times of peak demand.

Once enrolled participation is automatic, but completely voluntary! You’ll always be notified before an event is set to occur and you’ll always be in control of your devices with the option to opt out of any demand response event at any time.

Eligible smart devices

You must have an eligible device to enroll in Eco Shift and you must agree to the program’s Terms and Conditions.
See the program’s full eligibility requirements when completing your enrollment form.

Smart Thermostats

Receive $40 in rewards for enrolling one Mysa or Sinopé baseboard smart thermostat, and $15 more for each additional thermostat you enroll. Plus, an additional $30 annually when you participate in scheduled demand response events.

Have baseboard heaters but no smart thermostats to control them yet? Efficiency Nova Scotia offers rebates year-round to save you up to $45 off eligible smart thermostats.

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Electric Chargers and EVs

Receive $50 in rewards by enrolling your electric vehicle or charger. Plus, an additional $50 annually when you participate in scheduled demand response events.

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Battery Storage Systems

Receive $500 in rewards by enrolling your home battery storage device plus an additional $300 per kW per year when you participate in scheduled demand response events. 

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What is Eco Shift?

A voluntary demand response program that rewards you for reducing your electricity use during periods of high (peak) demand, which also helps ensure the reliability of the electricity grid. Participants agree to take part in brief (1-4 hour) events which automatically adjust settings on enrolled devices, during peak electricity demand periods. You can anticipate at least one event, and a maximum of up to 12 events throughout a season.

What is demand response?

During cold snaps or when everyone gets home from work and turns their appliances on at the same time, the demand for electricity peaks. A demand response event is a way to balance electricity supply and demand by remotely adjusting customer energy usage through enrolled smart devices when energy use is the highest.

How do I override or opt out of an event?

You will be notified before a demand response event occurs and you always have ultimate control of your device. You may manually override an event by changing the device settings either on the device itself or through the device-specific application. Once the device settings are changed, you will have successfully opted out of an event.

How will I know when events are being called?

Prior to the event, you’ll receive a notification via email and SMS; with the option to opt-out of SMS after enrollment. Some device manufacturers may also provide in-app notifications.

What information will Efficiency Nova Scotia or third parties have access to, and how will they use my information?

To administer the program, we need to collect participants’ name, address, phone number, and email address. Enrolled devices will share setpoint, room temperature, serial numbers and state of charge (for EVs). This information will be accessible to only Efficiency Nova Scotia and its implementation vendors. 

What do I have to do during events?

Nothing! Registered devices will be turned down or off during demand response events and will resume normal operation following the events. You can override and opt out at any time.

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