Building Optimization


Imagine returning your older building to its original glory: running at peak performance, saving up to 15% on energy bills and making everyone inside more comfortable.

Our recommissioning specialists will work with you to ensure your building is working properly and set for optimal efficiency, including reviewing:

  • Original operating documents
  • Equipment
  • Temperature settings
  • Scheduling

They’ll then provide you with a customized report outlining the enhancements made and other areas for energy savings. We can help with:

  • up to 75% of the total cost (based on electrical energy savings)
  • additional funding and financing for other energy upgrades suggested in the report

Find out more: or toll free at 1-877-999-6035.

Get Started

Identify recommissioning opportunities.

  1. Select a Service Provider;
  2. Work with your Service Provider to submit an Investigation Application;
  3. We’ll let you know the incentive that you will be eligible for (upon approval of the Application);
  4. Your Service Provider will then complete an investigation study and develop a Master List of Findings, which outlines the results of the study with supporting documents that justify the energy savings estimates;
  5. Once we approve of the Master List of Findings, we will deposit your incentive into your account.


Implement to start saving.

  1. Select the opportunities that you want to implement from the Master List of Findings and submit an Implementation Application;
  2. We’ll let you know the incentive you’re eligible for by implementing those opportunities;
  3. Your Service Provider will implement the selected upgrades and will submit a Measurement and Verification (M&V) Report;
  4. Once we approve of the M&V Report, we will deposit your incentive into your account.

For a detailed description download our guide.


Think win-win-win-win. By recommissioning your building, you can save money on your utility bills through energy efficiency:

Reduce your operating costs with low-to-no cost upgrades: Increase the life of your equipment and reduce the need for repairs – without making a large capital investment.

Short payback period: Existing building recommissioning projects often pay for themselves in less than 2 years.

Improved comfort: Occupants move, spaces are reconfigured, and new systems are installed over time; meet your building’s current operational demands with better temperature control, air quality, and lighting.

Service Providers

Use the list below to select an approved service provider for your recommissioning project.


Integrated Commissioning Certification Inc. (IC2)

11 McCurdy Ave., Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1C4

Wayde Walker, President

(902) 441-8610


Advanced Energy Management Ltd. (AEM)

60 Dorey Ave., Suite 103, Dartmouth, NS, B3B 0B1

Sean Brogan, Senior Energy Advisor

(902) 877-5379



Digicon Building Control Solutions Ltd.

201 Brownlow Avenue, Unit 11, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Les Beal, President & Business Development Manager

902-468-2633 x 102


Siemens Canada Ltd.

130 John Savage Ave., Unit 8, Dartmouth, NS, B3B 0C9

Justin Richard, Service Account Manager

(902) 402-8412


Controls & Equipment Ltd.

185 Millenium Blvd., Moncton, NB, E1E 2G7

Colin Harraway, Executive Account Manager

(902) 468-4885, ext. 101


BCS Controls Ltd.

2410 Highway #2, Waverley, NS, B2R 1S9

Cecil Hutt, President



Atlantica Contractors

9 Ralston Ave, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1H5

Adam Long, Building Controls Operations Manager

 (902) 468-2300


CFMS Atlantic Ltd.

76 Springvale Ave., Halifax, NS, B3N 2A6

Morris Gelevan

(902) 483-4822


Trane Canada

250 Brownlow Ave., Unit 4, Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1W9

Ryan Edwards

(902) 719-4200


Johnson Controls

275 Rocky Lake Drive, Bedford, NS, B3A 2T3

Ken Reid,  Senior Account Executive

(902) 233-7611


Maritech Commissioning Works Ltd.

7051 Bayers Road, Suite 102, Halifax, NS, B3L 2C1

Luc Dugas, Senior Engineer

(506) 852-7520




We accept new applicants to this list on an ongoing basis. Consultants interested in applying to be listed as Building Optimization Service Provider can apply here.

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