Home Energy Assessment


Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient by keeping your valuable heat inside, with heat pumps, better insulation, draft-proofing, windows, doors, and other smart upgrades.

For $99, in electrically-heated homes, one of our Certified Energy Advisors will fully evaluate your home’s space and water heating energy efficiency – from the attic to the basement and everything in between – and provide you with customized recommendations to help you save energy and money.

Better still, we’ll help cover the cost! Complete any recommended upgrade(s) within 12 months, and we’ll help with either:

  • Low interest financing (OAC) up to $25,000 for 5 years or
  • Up to $5,000 in rebates

The more you do, the more you’ll save.




To get started, contact one of our partners.



Think win-win-win. An energy efficient home is:

  • Less expensive to operate
  • More comfortable to live in
  • More environmentally friendly

Save your money: During the home energy assessment, your Certified Energy Advisor works like a detective – searching your home for any spot you can save money. On average, participants save about $800 a year.

Stay comfortable: Your heating system only turns on when your home gets colder. The better your home is able to retain heat, the less you have to pay. It can even help keep your home cool in the summer, increasing your home’s comfort level year round.

Save our environment: Because every kilowatt of electricity you use is up to 70% fossil fuel-based, any upgrade you make to your home is also an upgrade to our environment. Cutting your power use immediately cuts greenhouse gas emissions in Nova Scotia.

Get Started

1. Book an initial Home Energy Assessment.

To book an assessment, call a partner organization in your area:


Enercheck Solutions
Central Nova Scotia (excludes Cape Breton and Yarmouth, Shelburne, and Digby Counties)


Homesol Building Solutions
Mainland Nova Scotia excluding Yarmouth, Shelburne, and Digby Counties
1-844-394-8564 or 902-701-9333 in Halifax area


Sustainable Housing
1-844-294-8243 or 902-700-8059 in Halifax area


Mainland Nova Scotia (excluding Cape Breton)
1-855-758-7851 or 902-708-0447 in Halifax Area


Trinity Inspection Services
Mainland Nova Scotia (excluding Cape Breton)
1-844-326-6945 or 902-701-6788 in Pictou County


Amerispec Home Inspection Services
Mainland Nova Scotia (excluding Cape Breton)
1-855-592-5633 or 902-700-5341 in Halifax area


Clean Foundation
1-844-394-9972 or 902-701-6918 in Halifax area




Look for an official Efficiency Nova Scotia Partner ID Badge to confirm their identity when they arrive.


To be eligible for rebates or financing:

  • The majority of your home’s heating must be provided by electricity. Please visit our website for full details.
  • Your home must be located in Nova Scotia and be at least 6 months old. Single-family homes, both detached and side-by-side row homes, homes with two or less units that share a common passageway, year-round cottages, and mobile homes on a permanent foundation are all eligible.
  • Other eligibility requirements apply.

2. Review your Home Energy Assessment Report.

Within 2 weeks of your initial assessment, you’ll receive a detailed report with prioritized recommendations to help you save energy and money.  Choose the projects you’d like to complete; we can help you decide which ones are right for you.

If you have any questions during your project, contact Efficiency Nova Scotia. They will be happy to provide you with advice and guidance on many topics, including:

  • How to use your Home Energy Assessment Report to its fullest;
  • Finding and working with a contractor;
  • Comparing contractor quotes;
  • Understanding the science behind energy efficient home renovations;
  • Identifying the upgrades and energy efficiency products that are right for you. To contact Efficiency Nova Scotia, please call 1 877 999 6035 or email info@efficiencyns.ca.


If you have concerns about how upgrades might affect your home insurance policy, participants are encouraged to contact their insurance provider.

For all upgrades, please ensure that you obtain all applicable permits and follow local building code requirements.


3. Choose rebates or financing.

Efficiency Nova Scotia can help cover the cost of upgrades with up to $5,000 in rebates or low interest financing (OAC)* up to $25,000.

4. Complete the upgrades of your choice.

To help you decide which upgrades are right for you, Efficiency Nova Scotia offers online tools to help you find a contractor, compare quotes, and more. View our resources.

Need help finding a contractor? Search our Efficiency Trade Network to easily connect with contractors through an online list, searchable by region, expertise and services:

Search our Efficiency Trade Network for a Contractor

*Listed contractors are independent businesses that are solely responsible for the performance and quality of their work; Efficiency Nova Scotia does not guarantee and is not responsible for any work performed.

5. Complete a final Home Energy Assessment.

You have 12 months to complete your work and have a final assessment. Once the work is complete, contact your Energy Advisor to book your complimentary final assessment. If you need extra time to finish up your project, contact your Energy Advisor. They are able to grant extensions on a case by case basis. Participants who do not contact their Energy Advisor within 12 months of their initial assessment for an extension will be ineligible for rebates.

6. Receive your rebate or start your loan payments.

Rebates – Payments are made by cheque and are usually received within 90 days of your final assessment.

*On Approved Credit Once you schedule an appointment, an Energy Advisor will come to your home to conduct an initial assessment. The assessment will take 2-3 hours to complete depending on the size and age of your home. Your advisor will take detailed measurements of your home, document your home’s insulation, heating and cooling and ventilation systems, and complete a blower door test to measure air leakage. Please note that rebates or financing are only available for upgrades you complete after your initial assessment.

Rebates or Financing

The more you do, the more you’ll save. 

We want to help maximize both your energy and financial savings.

Complete two or more “Green” upgrades and your choice of “Smart” add-ons to maximize your savings and receive even higher rebates.

Green Upgrades
Ceiling Insulation
Foundation Insulation
Exterior Wall Insulation
Space Heating Equipment
Water Heating Equipment
Smart Add Ons
Air Sealing
ENERGY STAR Windows and Doors
Basement Header Insulation
Exposed Floor Insulation
Basement Slab Insulation
Solar Air Heating Equipment
Drain Water Heat Recovery
Heat Recovery Ventilation

The Choice is Yours – Rebates or Financing

Rebates of up to $5,000 are available, or, choose to finance your energy efficiency upgrades*. For that, we offer low interest financing (OAC)** for up to $25,000, repaid with an interest rate of 4.99% and a term of 5 years. Choose the option that’s right for you.

Good Better Best
Complete… 0-1 Green Updates 2 Green Updates 3+ Green Updates
And… Any Smart Add Ons Any Smart Add Ons Any Smart Add Ons
To Receive Rebates: Up to $3,000 Up to $4,000 Up to $5,000


To Receive 4.99% Financing: From $2,500 Up to $15,000 Up to $20,000 Up to $25,000

* Financing is not available for windows or doors. **On Approved Credit. Loans are available from $2,500 to $25,000 depending on work performed, for up to 5 years at 4.99% interest.

Insulation Rebates

Rebates or financing are available when you insulate a minimum of 20% of the total building component area, e.g. 20% of the total ceiling area, regardless of how many different types of ceiling/roof/attic spaces you have. Rebates are pro-rated based on the percentage of the building component area insulated. Homeowners must provide legible copies of receipts/invoices and interior/exterior photos of all upgrade work completed and any new equipment installed. Equipment must meet specific criteria to be eligible for incentives. See Eligibility Criteria for details.

Ceiling Insulation

Criteria Starting Point Good (0-1 Green Upgrades) Better (2 Green Upgrades) Best (3+ Green Upgrades)
Increase attic insulation to R-40 R-12 or less $300 $500 $600
Increase attic insulation to R-40 Greater than R-12 and up to R-25 $150 $250 $300
Increase attic insulation to R-50 R-12 or less $450 $750 $900
Increase attic insulation to R-50 Greater than R-12 and up to R-25 $225 $375 $450
Increase attic insulation to R-50 Greater than R-25 and up to R-35 $75 $125 $150
Increase flat roof or cathedral ceiling insulation to R-10 R-0 $300 $500 $600
Increase flat roof or cathedral ceiling insulation to R-28 R-12 or less $450 $750 $900
Increase flat roof or cathedral ceiling insulation to R-28 Greater than R-12 and up to R-25 $150 $250 $300

Foundation Insulation

Criteria Good (0-1 Green Upgrades) Better (2 Green Upgrades) Best (3+ Green Upgrades)
Add between R-10 and R-23 to basement foundation walls $500 $550 $625
Add >R-23 to basement foundation walls $1,000 $1,100 $1,250
Add between R-10 and R-23 to 100% of crawlspace exterior walls $400 $440 $500
Add >R-23 to 100% of crawlspace exterior wall $800 $880 $1000
Add >R-23 to 100% of floor above crawlspace $200 $250 $300

Please note: Everything below the floor joist separating basement from main floor is considered foundation walls.

Exterior Wall Insulation

Criteria Good (0-1 Green Upgrades) Better (2 Green Upgrades) Best (3+ Green Upgrades)
Add between R-3.8 and R-9 to exterior walls $750 $900 $1,200
Add >R-9 to exterior walls $1,200 $1,500 $1,800

Heating System Rebates

Space Heating Equipment

Rebates and financing are not available for the replacement of working equipment. Installations must meet all applicable codes. Only one space heating system rebate is available per home. Equipment must meet specific criteria to be eligible for incentives. See Eligibility Criteria for details.

Eligible Upgrade Good (0-1 Green Upgrades) Better (2 Green Upgrades) Best (3+ Green Upgrades)
Ductless mini-split heat pump* $400 $500 $700
Central ducted air source heat pump $1,500 $1,600 $1,750
Air to water heat pump $1,500 $1,600 $1,750
Geothermal heat pump $2,000 $2,200 $2,500
Wood or pellet stove $600 $700 $800
Wood or pellet boiler/furnace $1,500 $1,600 $1,750

*If more than one single zone system is installed, each subsequent system will receive a $150 rebate. For multi-zone systems, every additional indoor head after the first will receive a $150 rebate.

Water Heating Equipment

Water heating system rebates are only available if you currently heat your hot water with electricity. Equipment must meet specific criteria to be eligible for incentives. See Eligibility Criteria for details.

Eligible Upgrades Good (0-1 Green Upgrades) Better (2 Green Upgrades) Best (3+ Green Upgrades)
Heat pump water heater $250 $300 $350
Solar water heater $1,100 $1,200 $1,250

Smart Add-ons

Bundle your Smart add-ons with two or more Green Upgrades to maximize your incentive. Equipment must meet specific
criteria to be eligible for incentives. See Eligibility Criteria for details.


Smart Add-ons

Eligible Upgrades Good (0-1 Green Upgrades) Better (2 Green Upgrades) Best (3+ Green Upgrades)
Air sealing $200 $300 $400
Windows, doors, skylights $20 $30 $40
Basement header insulation $100 $125 $150
Exposed floor insulation $100 $150 $200
Basement slab insulation $100 $150 $200
Solar air $500 $550 $600
Drain water heat recovery $100 $150 $200
Heat recovery ventilation $100 $200 $300



Home Type Eligibility


We can help with rebates or financing if your home is:

  1. Electrically heated
  2. At least 6 months old from the date on the occupancy permit
  3. Located in Nova Scotia

Eligible homes include:

  • Single-family homes
  • Detached and side-by-side row homes
  • Homes with two or less units that share a common passageway
  • Year-round cottages
  • Mobile homes on a permanent foundation

Please note: Rebates are no longer available for homes heated with oil, gas, or other non-electric fuels. If you are already enrolled in the program, you are still eligible to receive rebates. Contact one of our partners for more information.


Product Type Eligibility


Eligibility Criteria

Participation in the Home Energy Assessment program precludes homeowners from receiving rebates for the same upgrades in other Efficiency Nova Scotia programs. Only rebates from one program will be issued for any particular measure.


  • When the roof consists of more than one type (i.e. attic, cathedral ceiling, and/or flat roof), ceiling rebates are pro-rated based on the overall ceiling area and roof type. For example, insulating two ceiling types does not result in obtaining the maximum rebate for each ceiling type.
  • For a semi-detached or end unit row house, foundation and exterior wall rebates are 75% of the amounts shown. For a
    middle unit row house, rebates are 50% of the amounts shown.
  • Foundation rebates are pro-rated based on the overall percentage of basement wall area insulated. When both a basement and crawlspace are insulated, rebate amounts are combined to a maximum of $1,250.

Ductless Mini-split Heat Pumps

  • Must be on the Efficiency Nova Scotia Cold Climate Heat Pump product list: efficiencyns.ca/minisplits.
  • All units on this list meet the following eligibility criteria:
    • Single zone system Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) for Region 4 ≥ 11.00 (Equivalent to region 5 HSPF ≥ 9.565)
    • Multi zone system HSPF for Region 4 ≥ 10.0 (Equivalent to region 5 HSPF ≥ 8.696)
    • ENERGY STAR (version 5.0) qualified
    • The Coefficient of Performance (COP) at maximum capacity operation for -15°C outdoor temperature & 21°C indoor temperature must be ≥ 1.75

Centrally Ducted Heat Pump

  • Only ENERGY STAR (Version 5.0) qualified heat pumps are eligible.

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

  • All air-to-water heat pumps must be third-party tested to CSAC656-05 or ANSI/AHRI 210/240-1994 (EER) or equivalent.
  • Air-to-water systems must meet the following efficiency requirements:
    • Split System
      • SEER greater or equal to 15.0
      • EER greater or equal to 12.5
      • HSPF-US greater or equal to 8.5
      • HSPF-Canada greater or equal to 7.4
    • Single Package
      • SEER greater or equal to 15.0
      • EER greater or equal to 12.0
      • HSPF-US greater or equal to 8.2
      • HSPF-Canada greater or equal to 7.1

Ground Source Heat Pumps

  • The system must be installed and certified by a Canadian Geoexchange Coalition (CGC) qualified installer.

Wood and Pellet Stoves and Furnaces

  • Eligible wood/pellet equipment must meet either the CSA-B415.1-10 or the US EPA 40CFR Part 60 AAA standard. All
    wood/pellet stoves must be EPA or CSA certified with emissions rating of ≤ 4.5 g/hr for total filterable particulate matter(TPM). All wood/pellet furnaces or boilers must be EPA or CSA certified with emissions rating of ≤ 4.5 g/hr or ≤ 0.40g/MJ for TPM. For a list of potential equipment, visit EPA’s website.
  • All wood/pellet systems must be installed by a Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) certified professional that has either “Technician” or “Sweep” certification. Alternatively, an installation can occur by a non-WETT certified installer, however the entire system must be subsequently inspected and approved by a WETT certified inspector.
  • Outdoor wood/pellet furnaces or boilers are not eligible for rebates or financing.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters

  • The hybrid heat pump water heater must be ENERGY STAR certified.
  • The equipment must replace an existing electric resistance water heater.
  • The equipment must be in a room at least 1,000 ft3 in volume (roughly 12ft x 12ft).

Solar Systems

  • All solar collectors (both Air and Domestic Hot Water) must be certified under one of the following CSA classes:
    • CSA Class 2831-06, 2831-07, 2831-30 or 2831-37
    • CSA Class 8854 (Previously CSA F378/F379)
  • Qualified Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems can be found at Natural Resources Canada’s website – Performance
    Directory of Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems.
  • The Solar Domestic Hot Water System is designed for year-round operation for domestic water use (although other
    applications may be incorporated into system design e.g. space heat).
  • The equipment is installed according to industry best practice and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • A minimum of R-3 pipe insulation is installed on:
    • The first 3 metres (10 feet) of the cold and the full length of hot water piping (if accessible) connected to the
    conventional water heater.
    • All piping connecting the solar storage tank to the solar collector.
    • All piping connecting the solar storage tank to the conventional water heater.

Air Sealing

  • Achieve the air sealing target identified in your energy assessment report to be eligible for the rebate.

Windows, Doors & Skylights

  • Please note that windows, doors & skylights are not eligible to be financed. In the event that you decide to finance other
    upgrades and still install eligible windows, doors or skylights, they will be eligible for rebates.
  • Windows, doors, and skylights that are ENERGY STAR qualified for climate zone 2 (previously climate zone B), and which are installed into pre-existing rough openings are eligible for rebates.
  • Rebate amounts are calculated per rough opening, not per number of windows. For example, a bay window with three
    window units installed into one rough opening is eligible for only one rebate.
  • Inserting an ENERGY STAR qualified window unit into the existing frame of an old window qualifies for rebates, however, replacing the glass, sash, or door without a frame is not eligible for rebates.
  • Each qualified model comes with a temporary label/sticker showing the appropriate ENERGY STAR climate zones. Keep these stickers on the windows/doors until your final Home Energy Assessment is complete.

Basement Header Insulation

  • Add ≥R-20 to 100% of basement headers.

Exposed Floor Insulation

  • Add ≥R-20 to at least 150 square feet of exposed floor area (e.g. floor over an unheated garage).

Basement Slab Insulation

  • Add at least R-3.8 of insulation to 100% of the basement slab.

Drain Water Heat Recovery

  • The equipment must have a heat recovery efficiency of greater than or equal to 42% as determined by an independent testing facility.
  • Qualified drain water heat recovery systems can be found at Natural Resources Canada’s website.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

  • Certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) as a heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) or energy-recovery ventilator.
  • If replacing pre-existing air exchanger, the HVI certified HRV must replace a non-HVI certified HRV.

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