Spotlight on Efficiency at The Marigold Centre



The Marigold Centre is a bright light in the arts community of Truro, Nova Scotia – now with the lighting to match. Managing Director Farida Gabbani recently partnered with Eddy Group Inc. and Efficiency Nova Scotia for some much needed energy efficient upgrades.

$2,600 savings annually on the power bill

“We own the building, and when you’ve only got 208 seats to sell, it’s very difficult to make a profit,” Gabbani commented. Their overall goals were to save power, be more environmentally friendly, and to improve the ambiance of the space for their customers.

And wouldn’t you know it? The Marigold Centre hit all of their intended targets. Their new brighter LED lighting has lead to increased sales in the art gallery, and a friendlier, more comfortable ambiance in the lobby — while at the same time lowering their overall energy costs.

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