Masonview Homes Inc.



When Cindy Donohue and Michael Stepanczak, owners of Masonview Homes Inc., started looking at reducing energy costs, Efficiency Nova Scotia was top of mind. “I have been paying attention to Efficiency Nova Scotia for quite some time,” says Cindy. “When considering heat pumps for our business I went straight to them.”

Energy costs are a big expense for Masonview Homes Inc., who offer services to people with mental health disorders and specialize in the care for the deaf and hard of hearing. With help from Efficiency Nova Scotia they installed heat pumps in the main living quarters of each of their four facilities in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Together, they’re saving over $3,000 a year on their power bills.

Combined savings of $3,000 annually on the power bills

For Cindy, the savings were just the beginning.

“We noticed a difference in the warmth that was generated in the room,” she says. “Our members have noticed the temperature and humidity in the rooms to be more comfortable.”

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s small business service makes it easy for businesses and organizations like Masonview Homes Inc to take control of their energy consumption and potential cost savings. From rebates to retrofits, we can help your business enjoy the good things efficiency brings.

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