Neocon International Success Story


Burnside’s Neocon International is an original equipment manufacturer for the automotive industry. Producing molded plastic components such as cargo trays and all-weather floor mats, there’s a good chance that one of their products is in your car this very minute. Devin Meadows, Operations Manager of Neocon, partnered with Efficiency Nova Scotia to upgrade key systems to more energy efficient equipment.

At the heart of many manufacturing and industrial companies you will find the compressed air system. When this system isn’t running efficiently, its impact ripples through the entire operation. It’s no surprise that Neocon identified this as one area they would like to run more efficiently. “Our compressor was a couple decades old … and was no longer efficient or effective. It was failing us on hot days, [and it] couldn’t keep up with the demand. We really needed to make some changes, so we made a call.”

Upgrading the air compressor was about more than just energy and dollar savings. Neocon relies on proper air pressure to operate hundreds, if not thousands, of pneumatic cylinders that are involved in processing. “If we don’t have air pressure, machines can’t rotate [and] can’t function properly, so it was a necessity from that perspective and a manufacturing requirement” Meadows explains.

Efficiency Nova Scotia conducted an air assessment prior to undertaking any upgrades, and proposed Neocon would save 176,292 kWh per year. After completing the upgrade to the compressed air system, Efficiency Nova Scotia returned to Neocon to measure results. They were pleasantly surprised to discover the system was running 16% more efficiently than forecasted, saving 204,787 kWh per year and from a financial perspective, saving $22,462 per year on their bottom line. Beyond the dollar savings, the equipment was running more reliably and efficiently.

Reflecting on his experience with Efficiency Nova Scotia, Meadows says happily, “In general, I think the program is fantastic. It was very well done, … and they came and worked around our schedule”. This program will allow Neocon to install monitoring systems that track where and how energy is used in their plant, so they can continue to run their business more efficiently while finding savings on their bottom line.

Neocon International partnered with Efficiency Nova Scotia to successfully make changes that improved processes at their plant, while uncovering additional opportunities to enjoy the good things efficiency brings.

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