Case Study: Solar Water Heating


Lisa Cramm, Halifax


Lisa wanted an affordable way to reduce her dependence on electricity and be environmentally friendly.


Solar Water Heating.

I was looking for ways to save money and be environmentally friendly.

After getting pre-approval, Lisa had 12 months to buy and install her solar water system.

Blair Keeling, of Citadel Energy Solutions (from the Efficiency Partner Network), installed a 70-gallon tank in her basement and two roof top solar panels. The project netted her a $1,250 rebate, and is projected to cut her domestic water heating costs by 40-60%

Circulating in a closed-loop system, glycol is piped to the solar panels in the roof. Once heated, the glycol transfers its warmth through a heat exchanger to the water in the solar tank. The heated water feeds into the electric-heated water tank and is piped from there to the home’s hot water taps.

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s rebate helped Lisa acquire a solar-heated hot water system big enough to meet the hot water needs of a family of four, most of the year.

According to Lisa, the service is:


“I was looking for ways to save money and be environmentally friendly.”

“The program is like, ‘fill out a form and get a cheque for $1,250!’ That’s the best program ever! I want more programs like that!”

“They look like skylights, basically. It produces most of my hot water. I haven’t had a cold shower since.”

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