Proudfoot’s Home Hardware

Big savings for small businesses through Efficiency Nova Scotia

Although it was cost-saving that initially piqued Jim Proudfoot’s interest, it was soon apparent that the upgraded lighting that was installed through Efficiency Nova Scotia was giving off superior light for his Pictou-based Home Hardware retail store.Through Efficiency Nova Scotia, Proudfoot Home Hardware’s lighting was retrofitted in September 2017. The outcome resulted in a well-lit retail area, highlighting displays and shelving for customers.

“We definitely saw improvements,” says Proudfoot. “It’s a different style of lighting than we had before. Upgraded lighting is always good — people always recognize a change.”

Through Efficiency Nova Scotia, business owners are able to not only improve efficiency and increase cost-savings; they are also upgrading older and outdated equipment. Sometimes the existing lighting is poor in areas, especially if the business is located in an older building. Upgrades to efficient products are a win-win for businesses.

“In a store or retail environment lighting can make a difference in terms of perception of the store or the retail displays, so lighting levels are important,” says Proudfoot.

Proudfoot says he was impressed by the expertise and the savings that were produced. Once the retro-fit was complete, the improvements were immediate and impressive.

He says an added bonus to the upgrades is that customers notice the new look. As someone in the hardware business, this is a great way to start conversations with customers.

“It’s a good thing you can point out to customers — you can point out those changes to them and it creates interest,” he says.

Energy efficient upgrades are not only a great choice for energy and cost-savings, but new systems allow for a more inviting business space. Efficiency Nova Scotia offers small businesses up to 60 per cent in rebates, as well as 24 months of interest-free financing for their project on their NSPI power bill. Conditions apply. Proudfoot Home Hardware now benefits from $6,500 savings per year in energy costs.

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