SolarHomes – The Smith Family

We’re excited about using a renewable resource to power our home, and teaching our kids about sustainability at the same time.


The Smith family decided to explore the possibility of solar panels on their suburban detached single family home. They were eligible, and went through the SolarHomes program, receiving a rebate of $6,000* on the project. Designed to last at least 25 years, the system will offset CO2 emissions by 156 tons annually, the equivalent of taking 34 cars off the road yearly. Being enrolled in Net Metering allows them to get credited for any excess energy put back on the grid, allowing them to offset their energy costs with solar power, and save money for years to come

House Type: Detached single-family home
Year Built: 2001
Sq Footage:  1,865 sq ft.
Annual Savings: This system will reduce CO2 emissions by 125 tons annually, the equivalent of taking 27 cars off the road yearly.