4 Ways to Save Energy While Hosting Holiday Guests


Hosting holiday guests can be overwhelming. By following these four tips you can save energy and money, while focusing on what really matters and enjoying the good things efficiency bring.


Wait for your guest to arrive before adjusting the thermostat.

When hosting a gathering it’s a good idea to wait until the guests to arrive before adjusting the temperature. More bodies in one room also means more heat. Once guests start to arrive you can advantage of the natural heat and turn down your thermostat to help save on your energy bill.


Plan your cooking. 

If possible, try to cook multiple items at once. This will cut down the amount of time you need to use your oven throughout the day and help you save energy.  Also, remember to use your oven light rather than opening the door while cooking, constantly opening the oven door will lower the temperature inside and waste heat.


Avoid using the oven and stove to reheat.

If you’re reheating leftovers, be sure to use your microwave. Your oven uses about 50% more energy than your microwave, and it’s much slower. 


Use LED holiday lights. 

Not only are LED holiday lights more environmentally friendly, they also last longer than traditional holiday lights. When using holiday lights it’s a good idea to limit the time they are on, and don’t forget to turn them off at the end of the day or set them on a timer.


Additional holiday tips:

Recycle wrapping paper. Properly sort ribbons, bows, and wrapping paper after opening your gifts. Or even better yet, save them to be reused for the next year.  An important reminder, wrapping paper goes with other paper products and ribbons and bows can be thrown directly in the trash.


If you receive a gift that uses batteries, consider buying rechargeable batteries and a charger. Or, when gifting an item that uses batteries include a set of rechargeable ones with the gift.