6 Tips to Stay Efficient While in The Yard

Staying energy efficient while outdoors is a great way to cut costs and keep your home comfortable. See our 6 tips for more information.


Lawn maintenance

During the hot summer months, adjust your mower’s cutting height to leave the grass longer. The longer grass will help shade the roots, which will reduce weed growth and your lawns watering needs.



Water your plants during the coolest part of the day, usually the morning. The cool temperature and low evaporation rates will decrease your water usage.


Install solar lighting

Solar powered lights for walkways, gardens, and drive ways are an affordable alternative to regular outdoor lighting and won’t add to your energy bills.


Outdoor motion sensors

Motion sensors keep the lights on as long as there is movement. After the movement stops, the detector switches the light off – and starts saving you money. They’re a great choice for controlling outdoor lighting, which can account for a large part of overall lighting costs.


Outdoor timers

Outdoor timers reduce your energy use and switch equipment on and off without a fuss, including exterior lighting and pool pumps.


Know where to plant

Use the location of plants to your advantage. Shrubs, trees and other ground cover plants can shade the pavement around your home which will reduce heat radiation and cool the air before it enters your home. Well positioned plants can save up to 25% on your home’s energy for heating and cooling.