7 Tips for Efficient Lighting

Struggling to find easy ways to save in your home? View our tips.


1. Reduce the wattage

Choose light bulbs with the proper wattage for the purpose of the room and the atmosphere you are trying to create. It’s important to remember that an overly lit room will waste power and energy.


2. Use multiple switches

Installing multiple light switches is a great way to restrict the use of lighting depending on the area.


3. Keep lenses, bulbs and shades free of dust and debris

A dirty lens or lamp may only provide you with half of the light.


4. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors keep the lights on as long as there is movement. After movement stops, the detector switches the lights off – and starts saving you money. They’re a great option both indoors and outdoors, including outdoor security lighting.


5. Dimmers

Dimmers help adjust the lighting to the situation – using only the light you need. As you dim a light bulb, its wattage and output decreases, instantly saving money and energy.


6. Switch to LEDs

LED lighting uses both light and energy more efficiently and last longer than other bulbs.  Check out our free energy efficient products to learn how you can get LEDs for free.


7. Outdoor lighting

Use outdoor solar lighting instead of electrically powered garden or patio lights.