Energy-saving tips for the holiday season

Energy-saving tips for the holiday season


The holiday season is upon us and no matter what your family traditions are, none of us want a high energy bill come January. Here are a few energy-saving tips your household can adopt now, and going forward:

Lower your thermostat
Curl up on the couch to watch your favorite holiday movie in your flannel pajamas, with an extra blanket. Lowering your thermostat by even one degree can reduce your heating cost by 3%.

Decorate with LED holiday lights
From white icicle lights, outdoor spotlights, to coloured string lights – no matter what your decorating style is, you have a variety of LED lighting options to choose from. LEDs shine just as bright as traditional lights but use up to 90% less energy and last two to three times longer.

Plan your cooking
Your oven uses a lot of energy, especially during the holiday season when you’re cooking and baking a little more. Group dishes together that can be baked at the same temperature. If you’re reheating leftovers, use the microwave instead. Your oven uses about 50% more energy than your microwave – and it’s much slower.

Turn off the lights
Whether it’s the light from your tree, candles, or the glow from your fireplace (a real fire or simply the fireplace channel on your TV), turn off your lights and enjoy the cozy ambiance in your living room.

Plug your lights into a timer
Instead of turning every light off later in the evening, or forgetting completely, timers are an easy and inexpensive solution. When choosing a timer, ensure it’s compatible with the amount of power needed.

Smart Power Bars
After you’re done watching your favorite holiday movies, your television is still using energy in standby mode. Plug your electronics into a smart power bar, which automatically turns your devices on and off as needed.