Outdoor Lighting Solutions


Just because it’s an outdoor light, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice efficiency and savings. Outdoor lighting has come a long way! Did you know that almost all varieties of outdoor lighting fixtures now have an energy efficient option, including select fixtures with in-store instant rebates. And remember that when using lighting at night, a little goes a long way.


  • Outdoor motion sensorsSave energy and money by using motion sensors to automatically turn lights on and off.  Motion sensors keep the lights on as long as there is movement. After movement stops, the detector switches the lights off.


  • Solar garden/pathway lights – Powered by sunlight, you can purchase these inexpensive lights at your local hardware store. Use them to line your walkways or put them throughout your garden for an extra added decoration.


  • We’ll swap out your outdoor incandescent lights to LEDs for free! There’s no catch, just free products and installation. Book now.


  • Outdoor lighting timers –  These handy devices allow you to set your lighting to turn on and off at certain times.


  • Solar post lights – Powered by sunlight, it’s a good idea to have these lights installed on stairway posts so you can see the steps when it’s dark out.


  • Outdoor LED wall sconces – These lights are typically found mounted to a building for guidance along pathways or steps. These can be especially convenient if you have no room on the ground for garden lights.


  • Outdoor LED tape lights – These low profile tape strips can help solve your unique lighting needs. With an adhesive backing, you can stick them wherever your heart desires. Some varieties even allow you to cut them to fit the desired space.