Tips On How To Work With Your Landlord To Make Energy Efficient Upgrades


If you feel the rental space you are in as a tenant could use some energy efficiency upgrades, be your own negotiator and advocate for changes. Below you will find useful tips on how to work with your landlord to make upgrades to the building you are renting.


How to approach your landlord

  • If you haven’t yet signed a lease, discuss energy efficiency opportunities at the time of lease negotiations-this is the best opportunity to get upgrades in writing
  • Ask for the building’s power bill summary in advance, to better understand how much energy the building is using, to help make your case
  • Help your landlord understand that:
    • Energy efficiency is not a cost but an investment
    • Increased profits as a result of energy efficient upgrades means a longer term, happy tenant
    • There is no cost for an energy audit
    • Upgrades will be supported through Efficiency Nova Scotia
  • If appropriate, discuss sharing the costs of upgrades with your landlord



Cost sharing energy efficient upgrades with your landlord

As the tenant, you’ll reap the immediate advantages of energy efficient upgrades. A cost sharing arrangement can be discussed with your landlord.

  • Efficiency Nova Scotia provides on-bill financing for energy efficient upgrades.
  • The tenant usually has the bill in their name.
  • Negotiate a reduction in rent equivalent to all, or part of the on-bill financing.



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