Industrial Program
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Efficiency Nova Scotia has a suite of programs specifically designed for industrial customers who use a minimum of 15 GWh in electricity annually.

Under the umbrella of the large industrial program, we provide managed services and incentives through a multi-year engagement model to help you complete more projects, manage complex projects and ultimately achieve high energy savings.


  • Higher energy savings than can be achieved with one-off capital projects
  • The financial viability of Energy Management demonstrated in a way that can be communicated throughout your organization
  • Meet targets through energy management in a way that adds value across your organization and is aligned with your strategic priorities
  • Recognition of your commitment to sustainability
  • Visibility on both consumption and demand costs, and where savings are a result of an operational change, you’ll have data to demonstrate how energy management behaviour was properly implemented
  • Your onsite energy manager will bring energy management to your everyday production and operational procedures
  • Knowledgeable employees who are engaged to enact energy management practices in their daily operations


  • Performance-based incentives to drive short, medium and long term strategies.
  • Energy Management implemented to meet the financial targets, GHG reduction goals, and KPIs of your organization.
  • A dedicated professional Engineer in the role of an Energy Manager who will provide technical expertise and project management to drive Strategic Energy Management processes from within your organization.
  • One point of contact manages all necessary documentation and can be contacted to address questions or challenges you’re facing – reducing administrative responsibilities and time managing projects.
  • Flexibility and customization top of mind to work with you and your employees to save energy, in a cost effective manner, that works for your culture.
  • We engage with all levels of your organization to demonstrate the value of investing in energy efficiency projects and initiatives, and help you move towards getting the most value from future renewable energy projects.
  • Showcased operational results of Energy Management.
  • Reduce overall costs of operating and inefficiencies in production processes.
  • Staff empowered to find ways to save energy that will not only improve how equipment is used, but how production occurs.

Getting Started

Eligibility and support is determined on a case-by-case basis. Complete the contact form to get in touch with one of our Business Development Managers and we can find the best solution for you.