New Home Construction – Case Study (Lower Sackville)

Linda had plans to build a new mini home just outside her hometown of Lower Sackville, NS. She wanted her […]

Smart Thermostat Infographic

  Sourced from Natural Resources Canada

How to Check for Drafts

  DIY draft detector! Follow these four easy steps to check your home for drafts. Choose a windy day; Turn […]

Why Draft-Proof Your Home?

  Draft-proofing your home is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to save energy and money.     […]

Compressed Air Guide

Get the most from your compressed air system.

Guide to Retiring Your Appliances

  Replacing your old working fridge? Book a free pickup, and let us do the work! We’ll even pay you for […]

HomeWarming Helps

A couple from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia now enjoys savings of up to $953 a year off their bills.

Your Guide to Savings Around the Home

  Energy efficient products are available for almost every room in the home. Even small changes can have a big impact on […]

How To Use Smart Power Bars

  Electronic accessories with standby modes such as televisions or computers use energy, even when not in use. A smart […]

How to Read LED Light Bulb Packages

  Taking the time to read the LED bulb packaging and labels, can help you to select the right bulbs […]

How To Use Your Programmable Thermostat

  By using a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the times you turn on the heat according to a pre-set […]

Homeowner’s Guide to Hot Water Heating

Water heating is the second largest energy use in houses, accounting for approximately 20 to 25 % of a home’s […]

Homeowner’s Guide to Oil and Gas Heating

Oil is the most common home heating fuel in Nova Scotia. Modern high efficiency condensing oil and natural gas equipment […]

Guide to Selecting and Working with a New Home Builder

From the decision to build until the day you move in, the process of building a new home can take […]

Guide to Comparing Quotes for Residential Heating Systems

If your heating system is less than 20 years old, it should still have some life left in it. You […]

Guide for Comparing Quotes for Insulation, Windows and Doors

A well sealed, insulated and properly ventilated home reduces the amount of energy your home uses – saving you money […]

Homeowner’s Guide to Reducing Energy Use in Mini-homes

Mini-homes are affordable to buy and usually cost less to maintain than a traditional home. While you may not be […]

Homeowner’s Guide to Heating with Electricity

Electricity is the second most common heating source in Nova Scotia. It offers convenience, eliminates combustion or fuel storage concerns, […]

Homeowner’s Guide to an Energy Efficient Home

Nova Scotian builders construct some of Canada’s most energy efficient homes. The best of these homes cost less than $500 […]

Ventilation for New Homes

High performance, energy efficient homes built today are comfortable, have affordable energy costs, and provide superior indoor air quality. This […]

Guide to Building a New Home

Small changes to your building plans can have a big impact on the lifelong operating costs of your new home. […]

Guide to Moisture and Humidity

Many homes suffer from condensation and mould growth. If serious moisture problems are ignored, permanent damage can occur to a home’s windows, interior […]

Guide to Using and Maintaining Your Heat Pump

If you’ve recently installed a heat pump, or have moved into a house with a heat pump, this guide will […]

Guide to Windows

Windows are a long-term investment. Smart shoppers purchase energy-efficient windows to protect themselves from future energy cost increases and improve comfort for years […]

Guide to Draft-Proofing

Why Should You Draft-proof Your Home? Save Money It can be expensive to heat a home in Nova Scotia’s climate. Draft proofing […]

Guide to Selecting a Contractor

Find the right fit.   Your home is one of your biggest assets. That’s why it’s sometimes a smarter choice to hire a […]

Guide to Comparing Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source, or geothermal heat pumps use heat deep within the earth or a large body of water to cooling in […]

Guide to Comparing Air Source Heat Pump Quotes

By supplying heat in the winter and cooling in the summer, an air source heat pump can provide yearround climate […]

New Home Construction – Case Study

The homeowners wanted to save money and energy and increase the value of their home. With help from Efficiency Nova Scotia, they […]

Home Energy Assessment Rebate Guide

Home renos on your horizon? Start with a Home Energy Assessment. To learn more about available rebates or financing view […]

Homeowner’s Guide to Wood Heating

Wood burning equipment that meets modern environmental standards is up to 30 percent more efficient and pollutes up to 90 […]

Homeowner’s Guide to Passive Solar Energy

Every new home should be designed to take advantage of free heat and light from the sun. Passive solar homes […]

Solar Fact Guide

Before you begin your project, contact Efficiency Nova Scotia to learn about rebates or financing options for solar equipment. Visit […]

Understanding Lighting

Learn about the different types of LEDs available and how to choose the right ones for you. Traditional incandescent lighting is on […]

Heating System Cost Comparisons

For New Home Construction See comparisons of  initial purchase and longer-term operating costs for various heating systems – including oil, heat […]

Heating Comparisons

Typical Space & Water Heating Costs Average single family residence (1,700 square feet, 4 people) Knowing your options will help […]

The Facts About Heat Pumps

What’s the deal with heat pumps? Heat pumps are a very efficient technology and now with the availability of ductless […]