We can’t control Mother Nature, but we can help control your energy costs.
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Whether you’re a dairy farmer or a greenhouse grower, your first step towards savings is to get in touch with our dedicated on-site energy manager for the agriculture industry.

We will personally review your project and provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to become more energy efficient without interrupting your season.

You’ll learn about the numerous ways to both reduce costs and increase yield, including:

  •  Better lighting and ventilation, creating a more comfortable environment for staff and livestock
  • Efficient heating and cooling equipment to keep products fresher, for longer
  • More efficient equipment for processes such as milking and storage

These are just some of the upgrades you can make now to ensure that years from now, you’ll still be enjoying the good things efficiency brings.

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Your agriculture facility could benefit from rebates on high quality, efficient equipment, and programs that identify energy saving opportunities—helping your business run at peak performance.

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To better understand your business and provide you with the best solutions, complete the contact form. Describe your next project, or simply tell us a bit about what you’re looking to achieve. We can help identify the programs and rebates that will be the ideal fit for your business.

Best Management Practices Program

The Agriculture Best Management Practices (BMP) Program is now available to help farmers in Nova Scotia unlock the benefits of sustainable and energy-efficient practices. The program is designed to support a wide range of eligible measures that align with Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Business Energy Rebates and Custom Energy Retrofits programs, as well as additional incentives for specific projects. 

Program Details


  • Improve cost effectiveness while introducing energy efficient updates across operations.
  • Access to funding to start and complete new projects.
  • Receive ongoing support from Efficiency Nova Scotia energy advisers.


  • We offer up to $30,000 in funding for eligible products and projects.
  • Incentives will match existing rebates under Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Business Energy Rebates program or will be based on a unitary rate of $0.26/kg eCO2 GHG if no rebate exists for eligible measures.
  • Farm-plated electric vehicle rebates will match existing provincial rebates.


  • Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Business Energy Rebates program measures.
  • Electric vehicle incentives to match the provincial iZEV incentive program and are exclusively available for farm-plated vehicles only.
  • Farm machinery and vehicle modifications to improve energy efficiency or switch to biodiesel use, or another renewable energy source (renewable natural gas, renewable electricity).