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Partner with us to create savings for your bottom line, by incorporating the good things efficiency brings to your operations.
Some of the ways we can help include:
  • Free energy assessment for qualified businesses
  • Customized advice specific to your needs
  • Rebates on energy efficient products and projects
  • Interest-free financing*
  • Support to implement your project through our network of Efficiency Preferred Partners
*OAC for electrically heated facilities that use less than 350,000 kWh annually.

Rebates for Non-Electrically Heated Businesses

We also offer rebates to cover up to 80% of your project cost when you upgrade to energy efficient products. No matter how your non-profit organization is heated, we have upgrades available to help you reduce overhead and operating costs.

Solar for Non-Profits Pilot Program

Effective April 25, 2022 – For a limited time, Efficiency Nova Scotia will be offering incentives to eligible non-profit organizations for solar PV systems up to 25kW. Visit the SolarHomes web page to learn more.

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"The experience was very positive. It has helped with our operations and how we can give back to the community."

Energy efficient lighting was a bright idea for HB Studios Sports Centre


HB Studios Sports Centre, a community-based recreation facility now saves over $8,000 a year on their energy bill. After making energy efficient upgrades, this non-profit is reinvesting the savings back into their 49,000-square-foot building to serve their community better. And it’s making a difference. With energy efficient upgrades, people of all ages are getting more out of the centre’s indoor soccer field, sprint track, and four-lane walking track. Here’s how.

HB Studios Sports Centre partnered with us to upgrade their lighting. They replaced 26 metal-halide field lights with LEDs, as well as the remaining interior building lights. They also upgraded the lighting outside the building, increasing safety for early risers and evening program participants.

We’re cutting our energy there by 25%. With the metal-halide you had to turn them on early and wait for them to warm up. With the LEDs, if we have a break between programs, we can shut those lights off and then instantaneously we have lights again on our field.” – Melvin Skinner, Board Member

Now that the project is complete, the facility is enjoying the benefits, including a 60% project cost rebate, and a reduction in energy and maintenance costs. They no longer need to replace six to eight metal-halide bulbs per season, and their new lighting provides greater flexibility, better light distribution, and improved safety. Plus, with a lower power bill every month, HB Studios Sports Centre can continue to keep rates down, ensuring they are providing the best environment and experience for their community.

Energy Savings at a Glance

Yearly kWh Savings: 52,569 kWh

Annual Energy Cost Savings: $8,400

Total Rebate: $11,100

Non-profit organizations across Nova Scotia are discovering how energy efficiency can help keep costs down. If you’re interested in enjoying the good things efficiency brings, get started today.

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