I hereby consent and acknowledge that:

a) Rebates are for new equipment only, cannot be combined with any other Efficiency Nova Scotia offer and are subject to change without notice.

b) Program funding is limited and will be allocated by Efficiency Nova Scotia in a manner that best serves the intent of funding. To be eligible for rebates: products must be installed in a non-residential building serviced by a Nova Scotia electric utility and products installed must reduce electrical consumption.

c) Efficiency Nova Scotia may at its sole discretion, approve or reject any rebate at any time.

d) Cogeneration, self-generation, demand-limiting, power factor correction and fuel switching are not eligible for rebates.

e) Pre-approval is required for financing and prior to purchase for a total rebate amount greater than $15,000.

f) The Applicant must submit the following to be eligible for rebates: (1) Commercial Product Rebate Application (Before you buy), (2) Applicable Worksheets, (3) Detailed Quote, (4) Final detailed invoice with proof of purchase (5) Proof of purchase from the distributor or retailer along with the contractors invoice on the eligible products that were approved by Efficiency Nova Scotia (6) Project Completion Form (7) A copy of an electric bill showing the Nova Scotia Rate Code and other information deemed necessary by Efficiency Nova Scotia to adequately review the rebate request.

g) Detailed Quote and invoices include the size, type, manufacturer, model or part number,purchase date, and vendor of the efficient equipment. Efficiency Nova Scotia reserves the right to verify sales transactions.

h) The Applicant will provide Efficiency Nova Scotia with reasonable access to the Installation Address to inspect the product installation. Efficiency Nova Scotia reserves the right to withhold, revise or reclaim any rebate until it has performed a satisfactory post-installation verification.

i) Efficiency Nova Scotia may require the sharing and exchange of information between Efficiency Nova Scotia and third parties such as the Applicant’s electricity provider. In applying and receiving rebates, the Applicant hereby irrevocably consents to the release, use, storage and exchange of information between Efficiency Nova Scotia and necessary third parties, including, but not limited to name(s), addresses, electricity usage history, credit reports, and phone number, for the purposes of administering rebates.

j) Efficiency Nova Scotia does not guarantee the performance of installed equipment expressly or implicitly.

k) Efficiency Nova Scotia does not endorse any particular manufacturers, products, or system designs in promoting this program.

l) Allow 60 days for delivery of payment. Submitting an application form with incomplete or missing information will delay processing of payment.

m) Maximum payment will not exceed 50 per cent of the equipment purchase price. Applicants and/or contractors are responsible for all costs associated with sales tax, installation, and disposal/recycling. Applicant is responsible for any tax liability of rebate payment.

n) Rebates can only be paid directly to the end-user.

o) I certify that all equipment for which I am requesting a rebate has been installed within the last 90 days(unless applying for pre-approval), that the products meet the eligibility requirements for rebates, and that all information submitted as part of this application, including proof of purchase, is correct to the best of my knowledge.

p) Efficiency Nova Scotia is a franchise operated by EfficiencyOne, official Licensee of the Province of Nova Scotia. By completing and submitting this form, I agree to release my personal information to the current and successive holders of the Efficiency Nova Scotia franchise.

q) By completing and submitting this form, I hereby consent to the purposes for which Efficiency Nova Scotia is collecting, using and disclosing personal information as set out in Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Privacy Policy. More information on Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Privacy Policy can be found online, ca/privacy-policy or by email, privacy@efficiencyns.ca.