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Compressed Air

When your business runs day-to-day operations with compressed air, you want to make sure it’s running properly, and in constant supply. By upgrading your compressed air system, you’ll be reducing waste, operating costs, and the impact of your business on the environment. Review the equipment and rebates offered below, find the perfect fit for your business, and start enjoying the good things efficiency brings.

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Potential Rebate: $100

Air Entraining Air Nozzles

You may not spend much time thinking about it, but compressed air can easily account for 30% of your total electricity usage.

Reducing your compressed air consumption in drying and blow-off operations can save you big.

Air-entraining air nozzles can help: they use less compressed air than hand-held or fixed air nozzles by collecting the surrounding atmospheric air. In addition to dramatically reducing air consumption, air-entraining nozzles can:

  • Reduce noise
  • Improve worker safety
  • Make drying and cleaning more precise and repeatable
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Potential Rebate: $25 - $350

Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers

Save money and energy, and still keep a constant supply of dry, high-quality compressed air.

Cycling refrigerated dryers automatically turn off during low load periods, instead of running continuously. As a result, they enjoy:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Less environmental impact
  • Less energy waste
  • More savings

No-loss Drains

Save money and energy, and still keep a constant supply of dry compressed air.

No-loss drain valves are known for remarkable energy efficiency. They do not waste compressed air – they only open when they reach a precise condensate level.

The program is fantastic. It was very well done … and they came and worked around our schedule.


Neocon International partnered with Efficiency Nova Scotia to successfully make changes that improved processes at their plant, while uncovering additional opportunities to enjoy the good things efficiency brings.


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