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Every business needs heat. It’s a big expense that makes up a large portion of your monthly bills. The good news is that there are plenty of energy efficient product solutions that can help you save up to 50% of your heating costs. To make that good news even better, we offer rebates on those energy efficient product solutions. Not a bad way to stay warm and comfortable, while saving energy, and the environment. Check out the product solutions below, and the rebates that make it more affordable to integrate them into your business, for savings now and into the future.


air source heat pump
Potential Rebate: $200 - $600/ton

High Efficiency Air Source Heat Pumps

Heating is the single largest use of energy for many businesses, and an air source heat pump uses up to 50% less energy when compared to an electric furnace.

High-efficiency air source heat pump extracts heat energy from the outside air, allowing year-round space heating and cooling. The benefits are many:  

  • Saves energy: extracting more energy from the air (as heat) than it consumes (as electricity)
  • Reduced costs: up to 50% less than electric baseboard
  • Lowers emissions: avoiding fossil fuel-based electricity
  • Easy to install: working with existing furnace ductwork
ground source heat pump
Potential Rebate: $500 - $600/ton

Ground/Water Source Heat Pumps

Although Nova Scotia experiences vast temperature changes from summer to winter, a few feet below the earth’s surface remains at a fairly constant temperature.

A ground-source heat pump uses this constancy to your advantage: as a source of heat in the winter, and a source of cooling in the summer.

These heat pumps can cut heating and cooling costs by up to 65% compared to standard electric systems, and can reduce your water heating costs by 25% or more.

hotel occupancy sensors
Potential Rebate: $50 - $75

HVAC Hotel Occupancy Sensors

Heating is the single largest use of energy for many hotels, and an HVAC occupancy sensor can cut energy costs by up to 30% while maintaining guest comfort.

When rooms are unoccupied, thermostats automatically adjust the temperature to eliminate unnecessary heating and air-conditioning. The system restores the desired temperature quickly after a guest returns to their room.

Payback periods for these sensors averages between 12 to 24 months.

Integrated Dual Enthalpy Economizer Controls

Enthalpy economizers can reduce your air cooling costs by up to 50%.

An economizer uses outdoor air for cooling, which both:

  • Saves money and electricity
  • Extends the life of the equipment
  • Keeps occupants comfortable by adjusting to temperature and humidity

Advanced Rooftop Controls

By only providing conditioned fresh air into a space when needed, these controls provide savings during and outside of operational hours (for example when closed).

By adding demand-controlled ventilation and VFDs to existing Rooftop Units (gas or electric), this cost-effective solution offers an attractive simple payback period and return on investment.

Benefits include:

  • reduced operational run times for HVAC equipment (which can extend equipment life),
  • increased air quality, increased occupant comfort and satisfaction.
Potential Rebate: Potential Rebate up to $4,000 per unit

Electric Thermal Storage Units

These units are a great option for your business, and have many benefits, such as:

  • Comfortable, reliable heat when you need it
  • Options to provide baseline heating during short term power outages (in combination with a generator)
  • Compact units perfect for combining with heat pumps, or used on their own
  • Rebates available to help with product costs

“The speed at which they processed the rebate was really appreciated… I would definitely recommend the process.”

Fisherman’s Picnic General Store installed an air source heat pump, which greatly increased comfort for both staff and customers. They received a rebate of $1,500 and are saving $650 annually. The store doesn’t need to use electric baseboard heat anymore, which makes a considerable positive impact on winter heat bills, and the environment.
Sq Footage:  2,200 sq ft.
Annual Savings: Brian and Lena now save about $336 on bills annually

The new heat pumps have a five-star rating for quiet operation.

The Delta Halifax Hotel recently upgraded their systems to packaged terminal heat pumps. These are popular in accommodations as they provide consistent, efficient heating and cooling, and a comfortable environment in a quieter way. Guests are happy and comfortable, and bills stay low. Delta received a rebate of $225,000, payback period of 3.6 years, and is saving over $115,000 annually.

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