Serving up energy savings
in the commercial kitchen.
chef preparing food

Commercial kitchen equipment

Commercial kitchens are full of the appliances needed to create the delicious meals that your business prides itself on. Along with sweet treats and bites to eat, old, outdated appliances also create high energy bills, more maintenance issues, and a bigger impact on the environment.

A commercial kitchen fitted with only ENERGY STAR® rated equipment saves up to $5,000 a year – and cuts emissions that are roughly equal to removing 8 cars off the road.

With thousands of dollars in rebates available on products like energy efficient dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and demand controlled ventilation systems, it’s easy to upgrade your commercial kitchen and start serving up the savings.

combination oven
Potential Rebate: $400 - $2,000

Convection & combination ovens

The most widely used appliance in the food industry, convection ovens continuously circulate heated air, reducing both cook times and temperatures. These ovens cook food:

  • More evenly
  • At lower temperatures
  • Often with better and faster results
  • Using 20% less energy
Potential Rebate: $200 - $1,500


Energy efficient commercial dishwashers, on average, use:

  • 40% less energy
  • 40% less water

By reducing water use during the final rinse, and reducing energy while idling between cycles, efficient dishwashers can help you save over their lifetime.

stainless steel refridgerator
Potential Rebate: $6 - $20/ft

Commercial freezers

New commercial freezers can reduce your energy use by up to 40%, using improved fans and offering more consistent temperatures in every part of the freezer. Better still, because your freezer doesn’t need to work as hard, it lasts longer. On average, efficient commercial freezers save up to:

  • Save up to 2,700 kilowatt hours a year in energy
  • Save up to $270 a year in energy costs
  • Save up to $3,200 in energy costs over the product lifetime
glass door refrigerator
Potential Rebate: $3 - $7/ft

Commercial refrigerators

Efficient commercial refrigerators use up to 40% less energy, using improved fans and offering more consistent temperatures in every part of the refrigerator. Better still, because your refrigerator doesn’t need to work as hard, it lasts longer. On average, efficient commercial refrigerators save up to:

  • 1,000 kilowatt hours a year in energy
  • $100 a year in energy costs
  • 1,200 in energy costs over the product lifetime
kitchen exhaust
Potential Rebate: $500/horse power

Kitchen exhaust demand controlled ventilation

By installing a variable speed drive for your kitchen exhaust fan, you will cut energy use by up to 70%, and also benefit from:

  • Less noise
  • Better performance
  • Longer life
New ventilation equipment saves Acadia $2,375 per year

Acadia University upgraded their kitchen ventilation equipment to a demand controlled model. This energy efficient system saves them $2,375 annually and comes with a payback period of 3.3 years. Less maintenance is required, and they received a rebate of over $9,000 to help. These savings can be re-invested in the campus to the benefit of students and staff.

A $10,000 rebate and a cooler kitchen for White Point

White Point Beach Resort was looking for a way to keep their bills down and their kitchen comfortable, especially in the hot, busy summers. With a rebate of $10,000, they were able to upgrade to demand controlled kitchen ventilation equipment. As a result of the upgrades, the kitchen is cooler in the summer and the new equipment and appliances are quieter. They now save over $8,800 per year.

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