Canada Greener Homes Grant Update

The Canada Greener Homes Grant program is now closed to new applicants.
The decision by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to close the intake of new applicants ensures that the remaining Canada Greener Homes funding will cover all customers who have had an assessment or had one booked by February 5, 2024.
To learn more about these recent updates, please read our FAQs below.


In Nova Scotia, we count an application as someone who has booked their assessment with one of our contracted delivery agents by 5 pm on Monday, February 5, 2024.

Yes. We have ensured that all homeowners currently in the Canada Greener Homes stream through Efficiency Nova Scotia – meaning they have at least a booked home energy assessment will be accounted for within the current funding, provided the upgrades meet the program eligibility. This is why we have made the decision to pause new applicants to make sure we don’t over commit funding if there were to be a surge in interest.  

We are waiting on further information from NRCan with respect to completion dates.

Anytime a program changes criteria or closes to new registrants there is always concern that demand will be larger than capacity. Canada Greener Homes is winding down because funding for the program has been fully committed.

The program’s widespread popularity and the average amount of grants provided to homeowners have surpassed all initial expectations and projections, illustrating Canadians’ desire for their homes to be both affordable and sustainable. NRCan’s decision to end the program is because all currently available funds are exhausted. 

Customers who are in any phase of Canada Greener Homes through Efficiency Nova Scotia as of 5pm Monday, February 5th, 2024 – from having an assessment booked to completed upgrades- will still be eligible to receive rebates, provided the upgrades completed meet the program eligibility requirements.  

Yes. The Canada Greener Homes Loan is still available through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). This loan offers interest-free financing for eligible retrofits that are recommended by an energy advisor and that have not yet been started. The loan is not administered by Efficiency Nova Scotia and interested homeowners should reach out to CHMC to learn more.

Efficiency Nova Scotia offers rebates of up to $5,000 through our Home Energy Assessment Program, regardless of how you heat your home. Moderate income homeowners who heat with home heating oil or other non-electric fuels may be eligible for an additional $10,000. Lowincome homeowners can also access free upgrades such as draft proofing, insulation and heat pumps through our HomeWarming program.