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What is the Heating Research Pilot?

The Heating Research Pilot is an initiative that will work with 90 homeowners who wish to eliminate the use of oil in their home. Eligible homeowners can access up to 50% of the total project cost (max. $10,000) to remove and replace all oil heating equipment with an electric-based heating system. Participants can stack this rebate with other additional rebate programs that they may be eligible for.


Who Can Apply?

Find out if you are eligible for the pilot.

  • Participation is by invitation only as this is a research project with limited funding. Invitations are drawn from a list of homeowners who have recently entered our Home Energy Assessment program. Efficiency Nova Scotia/EfficiencyOne reserves the right to refuse applications.
  • The homeowner must have completed an initial Home Energy Assessment through Efficiency Nova Scotia within the past 12 months, and not started their renovations yet;
  • The house is at least six months old (from the date on the occupancy permit) at the time of the initial assessment;
  • The participant is the owner of the house, and this is their primary residence;
  • The house must be a single family detached home or a semi-detached home (row house, townhouse, duplex, triplex) where each unit has its own heating system and electrical meter with utility accounts in the homeowner’s name;
  • A mobile home may be eligible if it is permanently fixed on a foundation and structurally complete with its own plumbing, heating, electrical, sewer services;
  • The primary heating system must currently be oil-fired, such as forced air furnace with central ducting, or a hot water boiler supplying hydronic baseboard heating, cast iron radiators, radiant panels, or in-floor heating, or similar using oil as the primary heating energy source. It may have a secondary source for localized heating in a room such as a wood stove, fireplace, heat pump or electric baseboard;
  • The home must use over 1000L of oil per year.


Learn about our whole home approach to transitioning from oil (YouTube)

Watch how it’s possible to utilize existing distribution systems (YouTube)

How to apply?

Follow these steps to apply for the pilot.

Step 1

Review the Rebate Guide to ensure your home is eligible.

Step 2

Register for the pilot by sending the following items to the Program Manager at

  • The completed Registration form;
  • Photos of the existing oil tank/boiler/furnace (long shot, nameplate);
  • A copy of your oil bills from the past 12 months

Step 3

Wait for registration approval from Efficiency Nova Scotia. We’ll contact you within 30 days of receiving your documents.

Step 4

Share the Contractors Guide with contractors and get quotes within 60 days of receiving approval from Efficiency Nova Scotia. Need help finding a contractor? Our Efficiency Preferred Partner directory will connect you with contractors in your area.

Quote should include:

  • Heat pump type, make and model number;
  • Back-up system information, if applicable;
  • Labour and materials;
  • Oil tank and equipment removal;
  • Electrical panel upgrade, (if applicable);
  • Domestic hot water heater replacement (if applicable);
  • A copy of the heat loss report from the contractor (F280 tool);
  • A copy of the NRCan heat pump sizing and selection tool report, or equivalent.

Note: Homeowner may submit multiple quotes if all required items are not listed in one.

Select your preferred quote and send it to the program manager at

Step 5

Wait for approval from the program manager. Once approved, you can begin the installation of your new heating system!

Step 6

When renovations are complete, to start receiving your rebate you must:

  • Book your final energy assessment with your energy advisor and;
  • Send copies of the following to
    • Paid invoice(s);
    • Photos showing the oil tank removed;
    • Photos of newly installed system with nameplates.
Questions? Contact us.

Program Manager, Doug Rafuse:

Phone: 902-470-3573

Funding for this Program is Provided by: