Heating System Rebates – Terms and Conditions

Space Heating Eligibility:

  • In electrically heated homes and non-electrically heated homes you can apply for rebates within 90 days of purchase and installation of qualifying products.
  • Only ductless mini-split heat pumps listed on our Cold Climate Ductless Mini-split Heat Pumps list qualify for rebates. Ductless mini-split heat pump model must be on the Cold Climate Heat Pump List at the time of purchase.
  • Furnace ducts and hot water pipes being installed should be kept within the building envelope. If this is not an option, pipes and/or ducts must be properly sealed and insulated. Please Note: Outdoor wood/pellet furnaces or broilers are not eligible for rebates.
  • Rebates are not available for the replacement of working or non-working heat pump equipment (ducted, ductless, air to water and geothermal).


Water Heating Eligibility:

  • In homes with electrically heated and non-electrically heated domestic hot water you can apply for rebates within 90 days of purchase and installation of qualifying water heating equipment.
  • Hot water pipes being installed should be kept within the building envelope. If this is not an option, pipes and/or ducts must be properly sealed and insulated.


General Program Eligibility (both space and water heating):

  • Equipment must be new, installed and in service, and all rebate documents received within 90 days of purchase and installation.
  • Homes must be existing (at least six months past the occupancy permit) single family homes used year round; including detached homes, row houses, duplexes, individual condo units, and mobile homes.  Garages, new construction projects and additions are not eligible for incentives.
  • NSPI Rate Code 2 and 3 are eligible for homes which are primarily used as a residence and must meet the above building criteria. For Rate Code 4, please reach out to Efficiency Nova Scotia for eligibility at 1 877 999 6035.
  • Participants must install all equipment as well as all peripheral equipment required to operate the system (stove/ insert, chimney, venting, required safety features, etc.). Installations must meet all applicable codes and applicants are responsible to obtain all required permits.
  • Applicant must be the owner of the home that is to receive heating upgrades and must be willing to complete a survey or receive an inspection of the home, to verify the equipment installed.
  • Homeowners must allow Efficiency Nova Scotia to gain energy usage information from their utility.
  • Efficiency Nova Scotia reserves the right to decline rebates where it is determined that the system will not meet performance potential.
  • The Applicant must submit the following rebate documents to be eligible for rebates within 90 days of purchase and installation: (1) Green Heat Application, (2) Proof of Purchase, (3) Photos of the system (4) a copy of an electric bill and other information deemed necessary by Efficiency Nova Scotia to adequately review the rebate request. It is up to the participant to ensure that all required documents are submitted within the 90 day timeframe and indicated on the application form and program criteria.
  • Proof of Purchase, includes invoice(s) [which meet the Green Heat Invoice Guidelines]. Note: Nova Scotia Power Lease Agreements do qualify as a proof of purchase.
  • Participation in the Home Energy Assessment program or New Home Construction program precludes homeowners from receiving rebates for the same upgrades in other Efficiency Nova Scotia programs. Only rebates from one program will be issued for any particular measure.
  • Rebates are not available for the replacement of working biomass, solar, and water heating equipment. If replacing non-working biomass, solar, and water heating equipment contact Efficiency Nova Scotia prior to purchasing new equipment to verify eligibility and an incentive.
  • I assume all responsibility for the selecting and installing of products and services used in any renovations, ensuring any planned upgrades are covered by my home insurance policy, obtaining all applicable permits, and paying all applicable taxes on work performed.


Release of Information

I hereby consent and acknowledge that:

  • I am the registered owner of the home where the system is installed and that all information on this form provided to Efficiency Nova Scotia is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Any willful misstatement may be cause for the rejection and cancellation of my application.
  • I have read and agree to all program eligibility criteria listed on the pages that make up this rebate application.
  • I understand that I will only receive incentives on installed equipment that meets the required efficiency standards (or maximum emissions standards) set by Efficiency Nova Scotia as part of this program.
  • My current electrical utility is hereby authorized to release to Efficiency Nova Scotia my billing account information, including such details as the name of the account and the number of kilowatt hours of electrical consumption pertaining to the residence of the above noted homeowner.
  • Efficiency Nova Scotia, its agents or auditors may contact me for the purposes of program administration, implementation and evaluation and/or provide me with further information on this or other conservation-related programs.
  • Efficiency Nova Scotia is a franchise operated by EfficiencyOne, official Licensee of the Province of Nova Scotia. By providing your consent you agree to release your personal information to the current and successive holders of the Efficiency Nova Scotia franchise.