Commercial refrigeration can be a big energy cost for some businesses. That also makes it a big opportunity for savings.

Efficient refrigeration controllers can:

  • Keep products cooler
  • Use less energy
  • Increase food safety
  • Save money

These systems help control:

  • Defrost cycle
  • Evaporator fans
  • Door heating

That means you’re spending money only when you need to, and that’s just good business.

Get pre-approval: for financing or rebates over $15,000
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Qualifying Equipment:


Eligible Product Rebate Amount Product Requirements
Intelligent Freezer Defrost Controllers $ 150 / controller The controls system must:

  • Contain temperature and pressure sensors to monitor system operation and determine if there is a need to run a defrost cycle
  • Each controller must control the defrost cycle of three or more evaporator fans
  • Walk-in freezer evaporator coils with electric defrost only (medium and high temperature coolers not eligible)
Evaporator Fan Motor Controls $500 / controller The control system must:

  • Control a minimum of 300 Watts or four evaporator fans.
  • Reduce evaporator fan air flow by at least 50% when the compressor is not running or when no refrigerant is flowing through the evaporator
  • Note: this measure may not result in significant energy savings if the system is under-sized or if the evaporator does not use off-cycle or time-off defrost.
Door Heater Controls $80 / door controlled Humidity or conductivity based heater controls that limit heater operation to periods of high relative humidity, when condensation is likely to form, are eligible for rebates.

Business Energy Rebates

If you know this is the product you want and plan to install, you can apply directly for a Business Energy Rebate.

Get started:

1. Get pre-approval. Important: you must get pre-approval before purchasing solar equipment, or for rebate amounts greater than $15,000.

2. Install your equipment (within 90 days).

3. Get your rebate.

Apply here.

Small Business Energy Solutions

Additional incentives may be available if you qualify as a small business.

The service offers:

  • Up to 60% in rebates and incentives
  • 24 months interest-free financing on your power bill
  • Rebates for your whole business: heating, refrigeration equipment, lighting, and more!
  • Customized recommendations that help you prioritize upgrades and maximize energy savings

Get started:

  1. Complete your business profile. Important: you must get pre-approval before purchasing products.
  2. Find a contractor to install your upgrades.
  3. Get your incentive and rebates.

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