ENERGY STAR Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)


By replacing an existing server with new ENERGY STAR server of similar computing capacity, you can greatly reduce your energy consumption. On average, ENERGY STAR servers are 30% more efficient than standard servers.

ENERGY STAR servers operate efficiently at low loads, as a result of processor management requirements that help reduce power consumption when servers are idle.

The advantages to upgrading your servers are:

  • More efficient power supplies with higher power factors
  • Advanced power management features
  • Real-time performance measurement
  • Lower idle draws

Save money, energy and our environment: that’s just good business.

Apply for a rebate, or contact us at 1-877-999-6035 within 90 days of installation
Please have your electricity bill available when you call

Qualifying Equipment:

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Eligible Products Product Requirements Rebate Amount
Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI), Voltage Independent (VI), Voltage and Frequency Dependent (VFD)
  • Must be ENERGY STAR certified
  • May be a retrofit or new construction installation
  • Pre-approval mandatory
Determined on a project-by-project basis

Ready to purchase your product? Apply for your rebate here.

(Please have a recent copy of your utility bill available for reference.)



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