High Efficiency Circulator Pumps

$ Instant Savings


This efficient, flexible pump for heating, cooling, and air conditioning can use far less energy than conventional technology.

Efficient circulator pumps are smart. They can adjust their speed to:

  • The time of day
  • The outside temperature
  • The heating requirements inside a building

That means you’re spending money only when you need to, and that’s just good business.

Apply for a rebate, or contact us at 1-877-999-6035
Please have your electricity bill available when you call

Qualifying Equipment:

High Efficiency Circulator Pump

Measure Availabiltity Rebate Max Power Input (Watts) Product Requirements
High Efficiency Circulator Pump In-store
  • $60
  • $110
  • $400
  • < 150W
  • 150 – 499W
  • 500 – 2500W
Utilizes permanent magnet motor

Contains integral variable speed drive (VFD) which automatically adjusts power, based on system demand.

Efficiency Partners Instant in-store rebates are available on popular pumping products at the Nova Scotian location of these electrical distributors:

Ready to purchase your product? Apply for your rebate here.

(Please have a recent copy of your utility bill available for reference.)



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