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Rebate guides and worksheets to apply for Efficient Product Rebates for commercial products through Business Energy Rebates (BER) and Small Business Energy Solutions (SBES) can be found below.


Please ensure you are familiar with the criteria for both BER and SBES before completing the Before You Buy or After You Buy application and the applicable worksheets. Full terms and conditions for SBES can be found online here  and BER terms and conditions can be found here.


BER & SBES Criteria

Business Energy Rebates

Small Business Energy Solutions

  • Available to all business customers. Incentives are paid to end-users
  • Available to small business customers whose annual electrical energy consumption is less than 350,000 kWh (approximately $3,800 per month in electricity costs)
  • Some lighting and pumping measures are available for purchase in-store at participating distributors and will be rebated at the point of sale as “Instant Rebates”
  • Pre-approval is required for all SBES projects (incentives will not be paid out for products already purchased)
  • All other measures are available as a mail-in rebate up to 90 days after purchase
  • Customers are eligible to receive both rebates and interest-free on bill financing (up to 24 months)
  • Larger projects where the customer will receive over $15,000 in incentives require pre-approval
  • New construction projects are not eligible for SBES, retrofit projects only
  • Pre-approval is required for data center, water heating and solar measures
  • Free energy audits are available to eligible customers (as determined by Efficiency Nova Scotia)
  • New construction projects are eligible for incentives
  • Facility must be located within Nova Scotia
  • Customers can choose rebates or interest-free financing for up to 24 months
  • Facility must be located within Nova Scotia


Product Rebate Worksheets

For those that already know what products they need for their project

Agriculture Rebate Worksheet

Commercial Light Rebate Worksheet

Compressed Air Rebate Worksheet

Heating Rebate Worksheet

IT & Data Center Rebate Worksheet

Kitchen Rebate Worksheet

Laundry Rebate Worksheet

Pool Rebate Worksheet

Pumping Rebate Worksheet

Refrigeration Rebate Worksheet

Solar Rebate Worksheet

Variable Frequency Drives Rebate Worksheet

Water Heating Rebate Worksheet


For customers that do not know what products will be needed for their project and to determine if they qualify for an audit through SBES

Opportunity Worksheet



Rebate Guides

Rebate guides for the worksheets can be found in the resource section of the website and through the following links: 

Agriculture Rebate Guide

Compressed Air Rebate Guide

Data Center Rebate Guide

Heating Rebate Guide

Kitchen Rebate Guide

Laundry Rebate Guide

Lighting Rebate Guide

Pool Rebate Guide

Refrigeration Rebate Guide 

Pumping Rebate Guide

Solar Rebate Guide

Variable Frequency Drive rebate guide

Water Heating Rebate Guide